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Q: Is Sudan developed or underdeveloped
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Effect of brain drain on developed and underdeveloped regions?

effect of brain drain on developed and underdeveloped regions

Is Italy underdeveloped?

No, Italy is a developed country.

Is Asia developed or underdeveloped?

oviously developed what do you expect oh ba ba

What makes Iraq an underdeveloped country?

It is not wealthy technologically developed and doesn't have strong buildings so it is underdeveloped.

Is palestine a developed or underdeveloped country?

Developing country

Difference between developed and underdeveloped political societies?

Most of the developed political societies are democratic while the underdeveloped political societies are usually dictatorial in nature.

What is the relationship between energy usage and developed underdeveloped countries?

The relationship between energy usage and developed underdeveloped countries is that energy consumption is greater in developed countries than in underdeveloped countries. This may indicate that there is a strong link between energy consumption and economic development.

Is Lebanon an underdeveloped nation a developing nation or a developed nation?

Lebanon is a developed nation.

Is the UK developed developing or underdeveloped?

The UK is developed. It's a completely industrialized nation.

Is Sudan a developing or developed country?

Sudan is a developing country.

Is Soudan a developed country or a developing country?

Sudan is neither a developed or a developing country. Sudan is a country in chaos.

What are the solution of urbanization in least developed countries?

Underdeveloped countries are underdeveloped because they have little urbanization. If they were to urbanize and industrialize, they'd be considered industrializing countries, and would later be considered developed.

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