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Yes. As of 3 July 2009, there were 1157 confirmed cases of Swine flu in NSW.


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is the swine flu in Oregon yet is the swine flu in Oregon yet is the swine flu in Oregon yet is the swine flu in Oregon yet

At the moment, 60-80% of flu's are swine flu.

There are no confirmed cases of swine flu in Kentucky yet.

No confirmed reports yet, but in the LOWVELD there has been an outbreak of very deep flu which is yet to be tested. I suspect that its swine flu.

no not yet but it is coming beware

A NSW woman in her 20s who contracted swine flu is no longer infectious and is free to return home, Queensland's chief medical officer says.

no cases of the swine flu in victorville yet just be aware...Actually there are hundreds of swine flu cases in victorville, my 2 year old daughter and my friends daughter both have it

There isn't a way yet to ''get rid of'' swine flu so to make sure u don't get it just get the vaccine for it

St.Annes has 4 members that have been confirmed with swine flu. 5 other members have suspected swine flu but has not yet been confirmed. Our school is still open though until further notice.

No, Swine Flu is just one strain of the many flu viruses. Flu is an abbreviation for influenza. So Swine Flu is a type of flu, but all flu is not the swine flu, there are other kinds.

The swine flu is PURPLE. :]

Yes, during the swine flu H1N1/09 pandemic, the virus spread to every state in the US and every nation in the world.

Swine flu is a flu very similar to the regular flu. Tamiflu is a medicine that you take when you have swine flu or other types of influenza.

Just because your child has the swine flu, doesn't mean you do. Your child could get the swine flu even if you don't have it currently.

No, not yet so don't worry

Yes, Since the regular flu and the Swine flu are DIFFERENT, then you can still get it. The Swine flu often hits harder though. by that i mean, worser. The person can get Swine flu right after a regular flu OR if a person has regular flu it CAN turn into the Swine. Halleworld

It was a swine that got swine flu first.See the related question below for information about the first person with swine flu.

If not treated, swine flu is fatal.

yes a swine flu shot!

they were able to catch it in time and give him medicine even though they didn't know about the swine flu yet

Smoking can attract swine flu only if you are sharing a cigarette with someone who has swine flu.

Most people who are not vaccinated against the swine flu or who have not had the swine flu will get it if exposed to it. Those who have had the vaccines will be immune.

A Spoonful of sugar helps the swine flu go down. swine flu go dooown. swine flu go down. a spoonful of sugar helps the swine flu go down. in the most delightful waay. ;)

No. Swine flu (H1N1) is a subtype of the influenza A virus.

the swine flu may indeed infect Georgia soon but not yet. the infected states are Texas, New York, California, and a few others. the swine flue started in Mexico, where many have died.

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