Is Syria a wealthy country?

syria itself is not economically wealthy, but the people in it are. they have extremely large family inheritances and pride themselves on their wealth. furthermore, syrian culture is driven by prestige and money. if you have neither, you can rely on your self respect and dignity as backup, and if you dont have that either, then youre a nobody.

syrians, especially in the past few decades, have become extremely successful in the western world. they boist of world renown doctors and are very ambitious because the more success they bring about for themselves, the more prestige they can rank in and thus the more highly thought of they are.

to be apart of a syrian community requires nothing but money and a sense of self respect, if you have those you are admitted into their society. syrians are extremely maticulous about who they admit, and are very racist as well. they dont even marry outside of their own city and if they do, its all very hush hush. if you arent syrian and are allowed into their society, then you must either 1)have a lot of money or 2) be very well known/famous.