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Yes, located in East/ Central Africa

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Which is an African country -Thailand or Tanzania?


Which is African country Thailand turkey Tanzania?


In African country is mount kilamanjaro?


Is Tanzania an East African country?


Is Tanzania a poor or wealthy country?

Tanzania is a very poor country, even in comparison with many African countries.

In which African country is Mount Kilimanjaro located?


What is the capital of the African country Tanzania?

Dodoma is the capital.

Where is Tanzania?

Tanzania is a country of East-central Africa . Tanzania is an East African nation known for its boundless wild ranges.

What country is a African country that spans 3 distinct climate zones?


Is zanzibar a country or not?

No it is part of the East African republic of Tanzania

Is zanziber a country?

It is part of the East African republic of Tanzania

What is the name of the mountain in the African country of Tanzania?

The most famous mountain in Tanzania is Kilimanjaro, which is the highest mountain in Africa.

Is Gombe National Park in Africa?

Yes. It is in Tanzania, which is an African country.

The island of Zanzibar lies off the coast of what African country?


Why is Tanzania poor?

There are various reasons that the African country Tanzania is so poor. For example, it is due to improper use of resources.

What is an African country that grows coffee?

Kenya (as well as Ethiopia, Tanzania and Cameroon)

What African Country is 11 Percent National park?

It might be Tanzania. well its not

In which east african country did the economy turn around after socialism ended?


Is Tanzania part of the region of East Africa?

yes; its an East African country

In which country is lake Victoria?

It is located on the African Continent, on the boarders of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda

What African country is an island in the Indian ocean?

Zanzibar, part of Tanzania, East Africa

What is an African country locate between the Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn?

Angola, Zambia, Tanzania

What African country is south of Rwanda?

There are many African countries south of Rwanda, but the closest one to the south is Burundi, followed by Tanzania.

What country does lake Victoria lie on?

The lake is on the African continent boardered by Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania

Which country in Africa has the biggest mountain?

Kilimanjaro in Tanzania at 19,340 feet is the highest African Mountain.