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she is her best friend forever she cant leave her neither Selena .... sweeetie


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They never broke up, they are still best friends :)

Taylor hasn't been in a movie with her because after the split up but the are still friends

no. Selena Gomez is still Demi Lavato friends.

Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez still friend

no it seems they have fallen out because Demi didn't like the fact that Selena was friends with Taylor Swift.

No they aren't still friends. They got into a big fight right after the Taylor Lautner thing. They thought they could get over that but they really couldn't. So now they aren't friends.

Yes they are still best friends.

Taylor Lautner is not going out with Selena Gomez. He got over her and it was not long after he started dating Taylor Swift but they broke up. He is now single.

It depends on if Taylor is bad if selena loves God I know that he will change her or he wount let them join free mercy I still love selena gomez she is still my ro model and I want her to change

yes because once they were little demi been mean to selena but then they became friends and it is just that demi been on tour but their still best friends and all because they do not talk that much and selena hangs out with taylor does not mean nothing

They grew apart as best friends, but they're still friends.

Selena gomez in spanish is still "Selena Gomez"

Of course their still friends! They have been BFF's since they were both on Barney & friends!

Selena Gomez and demi lovato have been best friends since the beginning and best friends always make up so yeah i think they are

No, they were never best friends. Selena Gomez has always been best friends with Demi Lovato, in fact they were best friends since they were 7 years old.

Because Selena let fame get the best of her, and she became best friends with Taylor Swift. Demi felt left out, and then Miley Cyrus comforted her. Miley and Demi are still friends today.

No, Selena Gomez is still alive.

no Selena Gomez is not still in puerta rico.

They are still friends. What you heard is a rumor.

Demi Lovato is best friends with Selena Gomez and she is also very good friends with Miley Cyrus.

Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez met on the Barney Show, worked for Disney Channel, and continue to be best friends today.

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