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Is The Bloody Cornfield the battle of Antietam?


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Not really!


It's a part of the battlefield where the Battle of Antietam was fought.

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The bloody battle in Maryland won by union is Antietam .

Some of the most severe fighting in the Battle of Sharpsburg(Antietam) was in Miller's Cornfield. This was only a part of this larger battle. There may be other battles which involved cornfields,this is the one which comes to mind.

The union won the battle Antietam in Maryland. It was the bloodiest battle in the war.

The Battle of Antietam began September 17, 1862.The battle opened on September 17th, 1862, when Hooker's I Corps began their advance through the cornfield around 5:30 am. The battle was over roughly eleven hours later.

The bloodiest battle of the Civil War was Antietam, and the Union won the battle. It was fought in 3 phases, the cornfield, the sunken road, and the bridge.

After the bloody Battle of Antietam, President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation which included that all slaves held in the rebellious territories shall be free.

Nobody knows who fired the first shot but it was around bloody lane

Yes. It was the bloodiest 1 day battle (Gettysburg is also considered the bloodiest but occurred over 3 days).

what is the significance of the battle of Antietam

Battle of Antietam was the bloodiest battle of all

The Battle of Antietam was fought in Maryland.

When I went to visit the Battlefield of Antietam, it was made up primarily of fields and hills. Much of the fighting was done on farmland. A huge part of the battle took place in a cornfield. However, there were (at the time, not so much now) forests, too. They are currently trying to grow the forests back.

The Battle of Antietam was known as the Battle of Sharpsburg by the Confederates.

The Battle of Antietam was fought near Sharpsburg, Maryland near the Antietam Creek.

not Antietam war, BATTLE of Antietam

The Battle of Antietam was fought in southern Maryland.

The Battle of Antietam ended in Semptember 17 1862.

The Confederates called Antietam the Battle of Sharpsburg.

The Battle of Antietam was the bloodiest day of the Civil War

there was no battle of antietam

because it was a bloody war but also because the union won it gave them the upper hand in civil war

the Antietam battle was caused because the north wanted revenge on the south

The battle of Antietam is recognized as a marginal Northern victory.

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