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The volcanoes are active

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Q: Is There numerous active volcanoes on the surface of mars?
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Related questions

Are any volcanoes on mars acetiv?

Mars is not thought to have any active volcanoes. However, there are large inactive volcanoes found on the surface of Mars.

Are the volcanoes on Mars active?

No. All the volcanoes on Mars are extinct.

Are volcanoes on Mars extremely active?

No. The volcanoes of Mars are extinct.

Does the planet Mars have active volcanoes?

it has volcanoes, but none are active

Does Mars have active volcanoes?

yes it has a couple of active volcanoes.

Does Mars have volcanoes active now?

There are no active volcanoes at present.

Why are there no active volcanoes in Mars?

there are none in mars -- incorrect.

What surface features do Mars and Earth have in common?

The two planets share many surface features. Mountains, valleys, deserts, ice caps, volcanoes (Mars has several, but they're not active), craters (Mars has many, Earth has a few).

Is there active volcanoes on Mars?


Does Mars have any active volcanoes?


Where are there active volcanoes in the solar system?


Is there active volcanoes in mars?

Of course there are. They shoot lava!

How does Mars have volcanoes and ice on it?

In the same way that the Earth has volcanoes and ice. However, Martian volcanoes do not appear to be active.

Why is Mars no longer geologically active?

Because mars no longer has magma on the inside of its core like our earth does, therefore no "Active" volcanoes.

Does Mars or venus have more volcanoes?

Venus has more volcanoes than Mars. In fact, Venus has the most volcanoes than any other planet. There were three active volcanoes found on Venus in 2010.

What is on Mars surface?

Mars is a very dry planet with no surface water. It has many volcanoes and impact craters on the surface and the entire surface is covered with sand.

What are the surface features of the planet Mars?

Mars has many valleys, plains, and volcanoes

Mars volcanoes are larger than those on earth because Mars is..?

its because mars is more tectonically active

Planet known to have volcanoes on its surface?

Venus, Earth, and Mars are all planets with volcanoes.

Does mars have a giant volcanoes on it's surface?


Which planets have volcanoes?

The inner planets. Only Venus and Earth have active volcanoes (volcanoes that are erupting). Mercury and Mars have extinct (dead) volcanoes. Olympus Mons, the largest mountain/volcano in the Solar System, is found on Mars.

Are volcanoes found on any other planet besides Earth?

Yes. There are volcanoes on Venus and Mars as well as Jupiter's moon Io. None of the volcanoes on Venus and Mars are known to be active, though.

Surface conditions on Mars?

The surface of Mars is dry and sandy. There are craters, volcanoes, covered with a layer of iron oxide (which makes Mars appear red in color).

What has active volcanoes venus mars Triton earths moon?


Which planet do you find dead volcanoes?

Venus, Earth, and Mars all have extinct volcanoes. Earth, however has active and dormant volcanoes as well.