Is Tobi different from obito

Updated: 9/28/2023
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yes in the newest naruto shippuden that came out in Japan danzo said"damn madara i need to conserve enough chakra to fight him' is what danzo said while he looked at Tobi sitting on top of a pillar on

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Yes, he is. Tobi is actually Madara Uchiha. Madara fought the first hokage at the Valley of the End (where Naruto and Sasuke fought when Sasuke was leaving)

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Q: Is Tobi different from obito
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When did Tobi tooked obito's body?

Tobi isn't Obito. He is Madara Uchiha

How did zetus know where obito was?

Obito is not Tobi. Madara Uchiha is Tobi. How many times must I tell you this, people?!

How is obito and Tobi alike?

they only have the same last name, Tobi is madara uchiha, and obitio is... obito uchiha

Is obito Uchiha evil?

Yes, Obito is evil. It was revealed in the Manga that Tobi was Obito.

Is pain obito?

no it is rumered that Tobi is madara uchiha in obito's body but no pein is not obito

Is Tobi maddaraa or obito?

Madara Is Not Tobi Madara Raised Obito And Trained Him & made Me Believe In Everything He Believed Tobi Just Wears A Mask Because Of The Huge Rock That Feel On Him Madara Isnt Alive.....Yet

Is Tobi Madara in Obito's form?

Tobi is Madara Uchiha in Tobi's form!! Obito Uchiha is dead and completely unrelated besides the fact that he is an Uchiha too.

How could obito be Tobi?

He isn't. Tobi is way too old to be Obito and knows too much about Madara's history

In naruto Shippuden is Tobi actually obito?

Yes it is true that Obito Uchiha is tobi as shown in Manga Chapter 599

Is Tobi related to Obito?

Yes, Tobi is revealed to be Obito Uchiha in the manga series "Naruto." Obito takes on the persona of Tobi as part of his plan to manipulate events from behind the scenes.

In Naruto I want to know if Obito and Tobi are the same person do they ever show Tobi fully unmasked?

Tobi and Obito are not the same person. Tobi is Madara Uchiha. It was confirmed by himself. He will be unmasked later in the series.

Does Tobi know Obito?

Probably. It was never stated in the anime that he knows Obito though.