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Nope! He's only half American. He kinda grew up in Dubai...! But only for 3years.

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Who is Tom Cruise?

Tom Cruise is an American film actor

Who is Tom Cruise married to?

Tom Cruise is currently married to Katie Holmes, an American model. They have one daughter, Suri Cruise.

Who is richer Tom Hanks or Tom Cruise?

tom cruise

Is Tom Cruise from Australia?

No Tom Cruise is not from Australia Tom Cruise is from Syracuse New York.

Which American actor has the most expensive house?

Tom cruise $37ml

Which American actor was once married to Nicole Kidman?

Tom Cruise

Who is more famous Mario or Tom Cruise?

Definitely Tom Cruise because well its TOM CRUISE!

What are the major actors of Scientology?

Tom Cruise, Tome Cruise, and Tom Cruise!

Is Tom Cruise a Muslim?

Is Tom Cruise a muslim?

Is Tom Cruise Muslim?

Tom Cruise is a Scientologist.

Is world love Tom Cruise?

yes world need tom cruise world love tom cruise i think tom cruise is best of ever ever actor who says tom cruise crazy gay unsuccus whatever. tom cruise is all time best actor of ever

Is Tom Cruise dyslexic?

Yes Tom Cruise is a dyslexic.

Who is better Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise?

Tom Cruise!

Who is richer Tom Cruise or Oprah Winfrey?

Tom Cruise

Who is more famous Superman or Tom Cruise?

tom cruise

Did Tom Cruise have progeria?

No, Tom Cruise has never had progeria.

Is Tom Cruise not best actor?

tom cruise is best actor in the world who says tom cruise not best actor

Who is more famous Tom Hanks or Tom Cruise?

Tom Cruise. Dont wask me why.

Is Tom Cruise not crazy?

yes tom cruise not crazy i think all actor in world crazy but tom cruise is best

How many children does Tom Cruise have?

Tom cruise has 3 children

How much does Tom Cruise weigh?

tom cruise weigh's about 175

Who is more handsome Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise?

Tom cruise

Where was Tom Cruise bron at?

Tom Cruise was born in Syracuse, NY.

Is Tom Cruise Mormon?

No. Tom Cruise is well known to be a Scientologist.

Is Tom Cruise a superhero?

Tom Cruise is a super hero in Hollywood.

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