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Is Triple H a jerk in real life?

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No, but he can be stuburn at times.

Source: WWE wrestlers (interviews).

Edit (by: iMexican): Don't take it seriously and don't start to hate on a wrestler by what he does and says in WWE, Thei're all storylines and the wrestlers act according to their gimmick. Thei're mostly very good and awesome persons, just like you and me and everybody else.

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Is undertaker and Triple H friends?

Yes in real life they are

How much does Triple H weigh?

In real life 218

Is she married in real life?

triple h and Stephanie McMahon

Is Triple H a mean guy in real life?

No he isn't

Is Triple H and Stephanie married in real life?

Yes. Paul Lévesque, better known by his ring name, Triple H, is married to Stephanie McMahon in real life, and they have three daughters.

Is Triple H and stephanie still married in real life?


Are Triple H and Shawn Michaels friends in real life?

yes they are

Who is Triple H best friend?

In real life Shawn Michaels

How is edge and Triple H brothers?

They are not... Not in real life nor in storyline.

Are Stone Cold Triple H friends in real life?

Yes Paul and Steve are friends in real life

Is Triple H and Stephanie McMahon really married?

Yes, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are married in real life and have three daughters.

Why doesnt Triple H get along with vince?

In real life they do get along! In real life HHH is Vince's son-in-law.

Triple H and undertaker buddies real life friends?

I believe so.

Are Triple H and shawn micheals best friends?

Yes they are.yeah triple h and shawn michaels are great friends in real life i love them!!! they are the best :)

Will Stephanie McMahon betrayal Triple H?

In storyline possibly, in real life no way

Whats Triple H real name?

Triple H's real name is Hunter Hearst Helmsley and that is why his WWE name is Triple H

Are Randy Orton and Triple H friends in real life?

Yes outside the ring they are friends

What is Triple H real named?

you will find out when u go to wikipwdia and search triple h Triple H's real name is Paul Michael Levesque.

Who is Stephanie McMahon's husband?

Triple H, they split up on the show but are still together in real life

When did Triple H get married to his wife?

HHH and Stephanie McMahon married in real life October of 2003.

What is Triple Hs middle name?

middle name?? is it HS? If you mean Triple H the wrestler in WWE his full name is Hunter Hearst Helmsley. His real name in real-life is Jean-Paul Levesque. So, the character Triple H middle name is Hearst.

Who would win a real fight between Triple H and undertaker?

The Undertaker has a longer reach than Triple H which would prove victorious in a real fight.

How many WWE superstars are friends in real life?

Shawn micheals & triple h are true frends , batista & triple h ,Jeff hardy & rey misterio,christian & Tommy dreamer .

What is WWE Triple H real name?

Triple H's real name is Paul Michael Levesque.

Are Randy Orton and Triple H hate each other in real life?

No they don't it's just acting