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Is Triple H is the manergar of raw of WWE?


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No. Triple H is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the WWE. He is not the General Manager. Brad Maddox is the GM of WWE RAW. Vickie Guerrero is the GM of Smackdown

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RAW it has triple h john cena batista!!!I luvvvvvvvvvvvvv triple h!!!!

the finisher is from triple H from wwe raw.

Triple H was in 2002 in raw

If you been watching these past thew weeks on Raw you already know this question the Genaral Manager of Raw is Triple H.

Running the WWE Raw show as the COO

its is at the moment Randy orton won it from triple h

He is already back. He is the COO of WWE

No. Starting October 10th 2011 WWE Raw, John Laurinitis is the COO

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Triple H held the WWE Championship on Smackdown, But if you remember The design of the belt has Mon. Night raw on it, So the championship is actually Exclusive to raw, were it returned on the WWE Draft

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Triple H made his debut to WWE in March 24, 1992

Triple H was the anonymus GM of Raw until he returned. The new rumor is that Mr.McMahon is the new GM.

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