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Q: Is UNIX multiprogramming programming operating system?
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Example of multiprogramming operating system?

Windows, Linux, Unix.

What operating system was associated with the programming language C?

The Unix operating system. The first versions of the Unix operating system were written in the "B" language, and later written in "C", which was invented in order to develop Unix on the PDP-11 machine.

Why windows is multitasking and UNIX is multiprogramming?

Not really a true statement; both Windows and UNIX have multi-tasking and multi-programming capabilities.

Is UNIX a operating system?

Yes. UNIX is a computer operating system.

Difference between unix and c language?

Unix is an operating system, and C is a programming language. It just so happens that Unix is written in the C language...

What is an android operating system?

Android is an operating system made by Google for cell phones. It is the operating system of the popular Motorola Droid. It is programmed in the C++ programming language, and is Unix based.

Is UNIX a single user or multi user OS?

The original version of UNIX written in assembler was a single user system. Subsequent implementations of the UNIX system resulted in a multi-programming multiuser Operating System.

Was linex operating system used before the unix system?

Unix came first; Linux is a clone of the Unix Operating System.

Is unix is multiprogramming OS?

Yes, although to use multi-programming effectively your hardware needs to have multiple CPUs.

Is unix a part of operating system?

Unix is a complete Operating System in itself and not a part of anything else.

What is system programming in UNIX?

system programming uses the functionalities provided by kernel.........

Is UNIX considered to be a network operating system?

In the legal sense, no. Unix is an operating system and has the components of an NOS (Network Operating System) but it not considered just a network operating system.

What operating system is usually associated with C?

The C programming language was originally created for Unix. Unix, and most other Unix-like systems such as Linux, are written almost entirely in C.

Is Unix system software?

Yes, Unix is system software. It is a kind of operating system.

Difference between unix and windows?

unix is a multiuser operating system but widows is a single user operating system.

Is UNIX a single user multitask operating system?

Unix is a multi-user multi-tasking operating system.

What is concurrency in Unix?

the unix is a form of group in operating system

What is the name of operating system in Unix and Linux?

"Unix" and "Linux."

What is Minix?

MINIX (short for Minimal Unix) is a Unix-like operating system written by Andrew Tanenbaum. It was originally created to teach microkernel programming to university students.

What is an Unix server?

A Unix server is any server running the UNIX operating system (e.g. System V) or an operating system like UNIX (e.g. GNU/Linux, Solaris, etc.).

Was Unix the first operating system?


Why wr are using c programming?

C/C++ is used to write system softwares. The whole of UNIX operating system is written in C language.

Why is GNULinux called a unix-like operating system?

GNU/Linux is a 'Unix-like' operating system because it was based on Unix, and is similar in many ways.

What is kernel in UNIX operating system?

kernel is everything in unix os

What operating system is used primarily with mainframes as a network operating system?