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No, Uluru is NOT as rock. A rock sits on the surface unattached. Uluru comprises a formation that continues underground, while now tilted vertically this formation was, (when being made), an alluvial fan.

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No. Although commonly believed to be the largest rock in the world, Uluru is second to Mt Augustus (Burringurrah, as it is known by Wajarri Yamatji traditional owners), in Western Australia. Mt Augustus is more than twice the size of Ayers Rock. It rises 717 metres above the stony desert, and extends for a length of 8km - almost the entire circumference of Uluru.

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What is the world's largest rock type?

the biggest rock in the world is uluru rock known as the ayers rock.

What attracts people to go to Uluru?

cause its the biggest rock in the world

When was Uluru renamed?

Uluru, was once named Ayers rock The aborigines were the ones who named the rock Uluru . In 1993 the rock was renamed to Uluru because Uluru means big rock.

Which rock is the most heaviest rock?

Uluru or Ayers Rock is the largest and heaviest rock in the world.

Was uluru changed to ayres rock?

No, The Ayres Rock was changed to the name Uluru. Uluru lies in Northern Territory. Uluru is made out of sandstones.

Is Uluru in England?

Of course not. Uluru, formerly known as Ayers Rock, is a natural formation in central Austalia, and is the second largest rock/monolith in the world.

What rock formation did Azaria chamberlain disappar during a camping trip?

uluru in Australia's red centre. Uluru is the indigenous name for Ayer's Rock. it is commonly misconstrewed that Uluru is the largest Monolith (giant freestanding rock) in the world however this is untrue the real largest monolith in the world is...

What is the Red Rock the most famous one in all the world?

Uluru or Ayres Rock Australia

Is Uluru a archaeological site?

no, Uluru is a huge rock in Australia

Is Ayers rock or Uluru a rock?

Uluru/Ayers Rock is a single large rock or monolith, the second-largest in the world.It is more correctly termed an inselberg, which is a single isolated hill that stands above flat, surrounding plains.

What land height world record does Australia?

The Uluru rock because it is Orange

Why is Uluru a world heritage site?

Uluru was once called Ayers Rock. It is a beautiful land form in Australia. It is important to the aborigines.

Is Uluru the same as Ayes rock?

Yes, Uluru is the Aborigional name for it!

Who is uluru?

It is not a person, it is an Aboriginal rock sacred to the Aborigines of Australia.

Is Uluru metamorphic rock?

No. Uluru is not made of metamorphic rock. Uluru is sedimentary. It is primarily sandstone, made up of around 50% feldspar, 25-35% quartz and up to 25% rock fragments.

When was Ayers rock officially called Uluru?

The actual name of Ayers Rock is Uluru/Ayers Rock, the title it was officially given in 2002.

What rocks are found at Uluru?

Sandstone is the most common rock found at Uluru.

What is the perimeter of Uluru?

The perimeter of Uluru, or Ayers Rock, is 9.4km, or 5.8 miles.

Uluru-Ayers rock is found in which Australian state?

Uluru, once known by the European name of Ayers Rock, is in the Northern Territory. This is not a state but a territory.

Can uluru transfer from one type of rock to another?

Uluru is the proper name for a particular rock outcrop. The strata of Uluru are tilted, but they are similar to the rocks of the Mt Olga area.

Is Moro Rock the biggest rock in the world?


Is Ayers Rock an igneous rock?

No. Ayers Rock/Uluru is sedimentary rock.

What is the size of the biggest rock of the world?

The biggest rock is of about 6 mile(10kilometer).

What is the biggest monocline in Australia?

The largest monocline in Australia, and in the world, is Mt Augustus in Western Australia. However, there is some dispute as to whether Mt Augustus is a monolith or a monocline. A monocline is an exposed slab of rock which belongs to the layer of rock underneath. Uluru/Ayers Rock is often regarded as the least monolith or monocline, as there is more of the rock below the surface than above; regardless, Mt Augustus is larger than Uluru.

What hemisphere is Uluru-Ayers Rock in?

Uluru can be located in Australia, in the Southern Hemisphere.