Is United States bigger than China?

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This has been a source of debate for quite some time. Many sources cite that the People's Republic of China is larger in size than the United States. Others say that the United States is larger (however, these sources include certain water areas, such as the Great Lakes, for the United States, but does not include water areas for the People's Republic of China. They also tend to be United States-based operations).

China's area includes disputed territories and therefore shouldn't be considered part of China's area since it is disputed. If including water area, China is larger than the US, but if including all territory that is undisputed, the US becomes larger than China. Overall, China is just slightly larger in size compared to the United States.
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Is China bigger than Russia?

No, Russia is by far the largest country in the world but China(fourth biggest country) has the largest population by far at 1.3 billion people!

How much bigger is China than the USA?

Current population of China = 1.3 BILLION. Current population of USA = 275 Million. That makes China's population >3x larger than the USA. Number of major cities in China = 27. Number of major cities in USA = 9. That makes major city ratio 3 to 1.

Is the US bigger than China?

The Us is Smaller than China. If see how big China is on the map you can see China is bigger but that is not it's actual size. Improvement : Actually, that's not true. See, overall area for the U.S. ranges in at about 9,826,675 km 2 , which includes water area. If you take the area that China is ( Full Answer )

Is china bigger than the US?

No, it is not. in terms of population, yes. in terms of land area, no. Improvement : Well, this gives you the answer, but I feel that people need more than that. In fact, the reason that the U.S. is larger is because you can't count forth the disputed territories in China. When you don't, th ( Full Answer )

Is the United States land area larger than China?

In the record books the United States land area is bigger than China. However, the records (CIA factbook, Encyclopedia Britanica, UN et al)are flawed in their method of measurement: The whole of the US is measured but only the contiguous area of China is measured. If only the contiguous area of the ( Full Answer )

Is china bigger than India?

Yes. China is about 9563974 sq km (3692671 sq miles) wheres India is about 1269346 square miles.. Yes. China is about 9563974 sq km (3692671 sq miles) wheres India is about 1269346 square miles.

Is India bigger than China?

No. China's area is over 3.7 million square miles. India's is less than 3.2 million.

Is China bigger than the United States?

By land area, excluding the Great Lakes, the People's Republic of China is bigger. Including the Great Lakes, it is the opposite.

Is China bigger than america?

Population Yes, 1.4 billion vs 0.35 billion Land size (Mainland) No 9,598,094 vs 9,629,091 square kilometres GDP No 14,264,600 vs 4,401,614 (millions of USD)

Is Australia bigger than China?

Australia is smaller than China. Australia has an area of 7,741,220 sq km whilst China covers an area of 9,596,961 sq km.

What unit of measurement is bigger than an acre?

The hectare is 10,000 square meters. An acre is about 4,047 square meters, so there are about 2.47 acres in a hectare.. Certainly there are other units of area measure that are larger. There are 640 acres in a square mile.

How much bigger is China than Australia?

The land area of Australia is 7,617,930 km 2 and the land area of China is 9,326,410 km 2 So China is 1,708,480 km 2 greater in land area than Australia.

Is US bigger than china?

No, neither* in area or population Improvement: That's not true. The reason that some sources (for example, Wikipedia) say that the United States is smaller than China is because it's counting disputed territories. Generally, both land and water area is being counted, but, if you add the disputed ( Full Answer )

Is Europe bigger than China?

Yes it is, Europe covers an area of 10,180,000 sq kms (3,930,000 sq miles) while China covers an area of 9,640,821 sq kms ( 3,704,427 sq miles).

What countries are bigger than China?

Russia, Canada, and the United States of America Russia, USA, Canada are all larger than China in land area. But in terms of population, I believe China is the most populated.

Is china bigger than the UK?

Vastly bigger in population and land area. The Chinese were making pottery and casting bronze when the British were inventing woad.

Is Japan bigger than China?

No, Japan is much smaller than China population wise and in terms of area. Area: China- 9,596,961 km2 Japan- 377,915 km2 This means China is 9,219,046 km2 larger than Japan, or about 25.5 times larger than Japan. Population: China- 1,336,718,015 Japan- 126,475,664 This means China has 1,210,24 ( Full Answer )

Is Canada bigger than China?

Canada is bigger than China in terms of area, but is much smaller in terms of population.

What 3 countries are bigger than china?

Well I know that I really shouldn't answer this because I don't know the complete answer and I will probly get yelled at by my tutor but one of the most obvious ones is Russia.. Canada is the 2nd. & I think Brazil is the 3rd.....

Is china bigger than indonasia?

yes, china is the biggest country and most people live there. russia WAS the biggest but after it broke into two parts because of civilization dispute, china is the biggest now.

Is China better than the United States?

The Debate The most commonly debated ideas between the two: Society and Demographics Pointing out the obvious, China's 1.34 billion population far outsizes the 314 million people in the United States (US). However, in terms of total geographical area, China and the US are on par at around 9, ( Full Answer )

Is Greenland bigger than china?

greeenland looks bigger than china on maps and globes but reallychina is bigger than greenland in area and population

What states are bigger than Colorado?

Colorado is the 8th largest state, so the other 7 states (in order of rank) are Alaska, Texas, California, Montana, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada

Why is China bigger than the US?

the reason than China is bigger than U.S is because People's Republic of China has more land area than the United States of America, ssa bmud

Is the United States bigger or smaller than Canada?

Canada is larger in terms of land mass, but the U.S. has a much larger population. The U.S. population in 2009 was 305 or 307 million (depending on which website you use), while Canada's was around 34 million.

Is china bigger than Europe?

No. The area of China is just 9, 640, 821 sq.kms, while that ofEurope is 10, 180, 000 sq.kms. Mostly thanks to European-Russia's3,960,000 sq.kms.

Is china bigger than North America?

No. China is about 300,000 km smaller than USA (a country in North America.) and 400,000 km smaller than Canada (another country in North America)

Is Mexico bigger than China?

No. China has an area of 9,596,961 square kilometers (3,705,407 sq mi), while Mexico has an area of 1,972,550 square kilometers (761,606 sq mi). China is almost five times the size of Mexico.

Why is it that China is bigger than Philippines?

well, looking at a map....maybe if our sea level lowered quite some, those thousands of minitaure islands would be the tops of an underwater mountain, but even then. map buddy. lol

Is Puerto Rico bigger than the United States?

No. Puerto Rico is many, many times smaller than the united states. Puerto Rico is just a little smaller than the US state of Connecticut and about 1/3 larger than the US state of Delaware.

Why is the United States in debt to china?

Because they borrowed money to get out of the recession and ifchina asks for their money back tomorrow the US goes back intorecession. The united states has what you called bonds which are a promise topay back the person who has those bonds. China bought more than onetrillion of dollars in bonds fr ( Full Answer )

Does china have more people than the united states?

Yes, China has the world's most numerous population at over 1 billion (out of a world total 7 billion), and the United States clocks in at a mere 330 million people. China has way more people.

Is a continent bigger than a state?

A State is generally an area within a country and a Continent is a large section of the Earth encompassing numerous countries, so a Continent is bigger than a state.

Is Guyana bigger than United states?

Guyana is comparable to the size ofIdaho and Kansas. Guyana, Idaho and Kansas each have a total areaof approximately 83,000 square miles.

How much bigger is China than Ireland?

China is about 9,596,960 square kilometres and Ireland is about 84,421 square kilometres. This makes China about 113.67 times bigger than Ireland.

Is China bigger than Mongolia?

Yes, China is much larger than Mongolia. China is about 9.597 million square kilometres. Mongolia is about 1.566 million square kilometres.