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No. This is a common misconception. The source code to Unix operating systems has traditionally been licensed to vendors, but the code was never made available to most users. Some of the code from Unix systems prior to System III was released under a BSD license in 2002, but most System III and later code is still proprietary.

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OS is an open-source operating system?

LINUX and Unix OS is open-source operating system.....! but Windows version OS is not the open-source operating system....!

Which operating system has the free and open source software?

Unix and Linux

Free unix operating system source code?

If I understand your question....vague as it is....yes, the Unix OS source code is free and open source.

Example open-source operating system?

There are several open-source operating systems, most of which appear to be clones of Unix. Examples include FreeBSD, Linux, Minix.

What is diffrance between Linux and unix?

The short answer is that Unix is an open source operating system, and Linux is a modified Unix that was modified by Linus Torvalds (combining Linus and Unix, or Linux)

Is Mac OS an open system source operating system?

Classic Mac OS is closed source. Mac OS X is closed source as well, but many libraries and applications within it are open source, e.g. XNU the kernel is open source, and Darwin the underlying UNIX operating system was open source.

State the operating system that has free and open source software?

Linux or Unix are open source and some are versions are free and others aren't. Unix is based off of Linux, and both have many different variations. One popular Unix system is Ubuntu

Why unix is an open source operating system?

Unix is NOT open source, it is proprietary copyrighted code owned by AT&T and you must purchase a license to use it, as you do on Windows and Mac OS X.However both Linux and GNU are open source OSs with equivalent functionality to Unix.

Is HP-UX an open-source operating system?

No, HP-UX is the commercial distribution of Unix from HP. It is proprietary and not open source.

What is OpenBSD?

OpenBSD is a free an open-source Unix-like operating system, with a primary focus on security.

What is Android classified as?

Android is classified as a Unix based, open-source mobile operating system for phones and tablets.

Is os an open source operating system?

OS is an open-source operating system

Why is Unix open source?

Unix is not open source, it is proprietary. Linux is the open-source version of Unix.

Is UNIX-operating system a free software?

Currently, The Open Group owns the "Unix" trademark. No, Unix branded operating systems are proprietary and copyrighted. They are not free or open systems software. From its start until 1993, Unix distributions included all their source code. Programmers have made many free and open Unix-like operating systems, including Linux, NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Dragonfly BSD, Mach, OpenSolaris, etc.

Example the latest open source operating system?

Linux is the example of the latest open source operating system.

What operating system is NetBSD based on?

NetBSD is a free, open-source, unix like, multi-platform operating system descended from Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) and based on 4.4BSD Lite.

What is the purpose of Unix software?

Unix is an multitasking, multi-user computer operating system developed by AT&T. It is currently owned by The Open Group. The Unix operating system was originally intended to be used for developing software.

Is Linux an open source software?

open source operating system

Latest open source operating system?

The latest open source operating system include the Kubuntu Linux and the Fedora Linux. The open source operating system refers to an OS that runs on a computer and is free for use and to be modified.

Is MySQL an open-source operating system?

No, MySQL is an open-source database system

What is open source operating software?

open source operating system is the one whose source code is freely available in market.

What are difference between unix and windows?

Windows in an operating system developed by Microsoft, which owns the patents upon which Widows is based. Widows is the grand-product of DOS, developed by Mr. Gates. Unix is an operating system developed by AT&T and many other companies. Some parts are typewritten or patented, but the main kinds of Unix are open source.

What operating system can be downloaded for free of the internet?

Unix and any Unix based operating systems can be downloaded for free. There are also many operating systems that can run on top of Windows or side by side. Many of these types of operating systems are Lynix based. All of these operating systems are "open source" which means that any one that knows how to, they can modify, rewrite, or add new features to the programs. Being open source software is that makes it free to download.

Is the architecture of Linux based on DOS?

No. Linux is a free, open-source version of UNIX. Many of DOS's commands were based on UNIX commands, but the underlying operating system is much more powerful than DOS.

Is UNIX used primarily with mainframes as a network operating system?

No. Licensed Unix implementations are a proprietary flexible general purpose operating system originally marketed for minicomputers and mid-range computers to support multiple users and tasks. When Personal Computers became available, versions of Unix were created for them. Unix was also implemented for the IBM mainframe. This is not the same as Linux which is an open source free system with many of the same capabilities and look & feel of unix but without the licensing requirement of unix.