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the story is quite simple. you see Eric bishoff the wcw general manager at the time wanted Bret to join wcw as part of a heel group called the NWO. vince was afraid that Bret would take the WWF championship with him but i have recently read brets biography at at it says Bret told vince backstage '' vince don't worry I WILL NOT be taking the wwf title to wcw even though Eric keeps saying i should, i kust wanna with here tonight in Montreal because this is my home country and i will lose the next night on raw before i leave'' Bret was obviously gonna leave to wcw no matter what. vince however just for some strange reason he refused to believe Bret so he made this stupid and sad plan to screw Bret without Bret finding out the details he spoke privately to HBK and asked him to screw Bret by putting him in sharp shooter thus earl the ref would ring the bell though Bret never tapped. i believe that hbk did not wanna screw Bret but instead vince munipulated hbk with threat of firing him

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The devil is to blame. Really.

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The one who really killed her was Daisy but then Gatsby takes the blame to protect Daisy because he loves her and cares about her dearly.

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Really because he needed someone to blame for all of Germany's issues, and because he had grown up with a solid hatred of them.

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They're both to blame. You can't really just blame Caleb or Catherine

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A guy who really did harm her.

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he really doesnt blame anybody... when he becomes a genuis he understandes there was a mistake and he tries to find it so he can stay smart.

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wow really your asking this question..... god your stupid

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Yes and no. It is okay to blame BP for the parts of the oil leak that they were actually responsible for. It is not okay to blame BP for the entire fault of the oil spill, where other people were responsible. Each party involved should share their appropriate share of the responsibility and blame.

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blame it on the goose

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Some scholars will agree that it is simply "Fate" that is responsible. The play is a good example that "bad things happen to good people" and that lots of things in life are uncontrollable. There really isn't anyone to blame. Not even the Gods really...

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You ask yourself "is he really worth it?" If he loves you, he wouldn't blame every problem on you, he should take the blame too instead of laying it all down on you

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No one to blame.

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People blame other stuff on other people mainly to get out of the trouble themselfs. I, for one thing hate people blaming stuff on me. Some people are truthful and speak the truth of who really did do it.!

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cause love is an easy thing to blame. So many people get hurt by love. just that no one can really find the right person until they find someone that will do anything for you.

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No, no one could really blame a wife for walking away if the spouse never kept his words to not cheat again.

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Most Natives were either slathered to death or the were killed or just died of old age but they didn't do that because as soon as they found them they died for really no reason at all..Sorry if i can't really help u Caz i tried to figure it out and that's what i think it is so.. blame me if i get it wrong don't blame yourself blame the computer .............:P

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The blame rested squarely on his shoulders. They tried to shift the blame to the other side. He did not blame her for his misfortune.

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you are the blame and i with our cars, hair spray that's what is to blame

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If you are referring to: "Don't blame it on sunshine, Don't blame it on moonlight, Don't blame it on good times". Then the song you are after is: Blame it on the Boogie, by The Jackson Five.

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Juliet is to blame for the nurse's bad back because she sent the nurse out for an errand early on a Monday morning and then didn't give her a back rub when she got back. Juliet is to blame for her father's high blood pressure, because she resisted his plans to marry Paris. Basically it's easy to blame anyone for anything. If you get really good at it you can be a litigation lawyer.

Were the designers of the Titanic to blame?

no they were not to blame

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