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Virgo Sagittarius Relationship

Virgo's love being around Sagittarius for their free spirit.

Sagittarius enjoys being with Virgo because they keep their feet firmly on the ground.

Virgo is the giver in the relationship, but looks to be paid back in kind. Virgo helps Sagittarius, expecting the favor in return. For example, Virgo will pick up and move to the other side of the country so Sagittarius can take a job, and expects the same to be done for them.

Sagittarius is freer with money than Virgo is comfortable with.

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Would a Sagitarius and a Virgo make a good couple?

They make better friends than lovers.

What is a good match for Virgo?

Taurus, Aries, Capricorn, Scorpio, and sometimes Virgo too.

What is the zodiac love match for a Virgo?

Capricorn is a very good match, but Taurus is the PERFECT match.

Is a Cancer woman and Virgo man a good match?

They are a good match yes, but Capricorn and Taurus are better for Virgo and Scorpio and Pisces are better suited for Cancer, but yes generally Cancer and Virgo work pretty well.

Are sagitarius compatible with sagitarius?

Yes,why not.My guy is a sagitarius & we get along good.

Are Leo and Scorpio a good love match?

No Leos are better with other leos aries, sagitarius, and geminis

Does a male sagitarius and female Aquarius make a good match?

actually....yea they do sagitarious goes with aquarious

What is the love match for a female Virgo?

Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn make good matches for a Virgo.

Is Scorpio and Virgo a good match?

Very doubtful, with an uptight, bossy Virgo to a bad-tempered Scorpio.

Is Virgo good with Scorpio?

Virgo and Scorpio is a good match, one of the more practical and long-lasting ones. Scorpio, a water sign "nourishes" earth sign Virgo.

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