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Oh my yes. Thanksgiving week is one of the busiest times of the year at the park.


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Walt Disney World's least busy times are January and early February, the fall months (especially September), and the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Anytime there is not a school vacation. Good luck.

Walt Disney World's busiest day is actually Christmas Day. Otherwise, they tend to be very busy in the summer months when school is out, and during any major holidays like Easter/Spring Break, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.

The week between Christmas and New Year's Day is one of the busiest weeks at Walt Disney World. All of the parks are crowded during this time.

Walt Disney World is really a multi-day destination. However, each park has busy and less busy days. The least busy days of the week are:Magic Kingdom - Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, SundayEpcot - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, SundayDisney's Hollywood Studios - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, SaturdayDisney's Animal Kingdom - Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Disney World is busy every day of the year, especially weekends and holidays. Be prepared for lots of long, long lines and big crowds.

This is just my opinion but.... Yes. Walt Disney wanted to redo his amusement park in a more controlled environment (due to the cruel weather, busy cities, and tacky restaurants and cheap hotels surrounding the California park.) Orlando had year-round good weather and, before Disney, was just a small town of marsh, and swampland. Walt Disney World is larger and more remote than Disneyland. However, Disneyland is still considered the best due to many memories of childhood and, it is the only park which Walt saw fully built before his death in 1966. But, the truth is, which everyone you're going to... it will be a blast! I assure you.

My family visited Walt Disney World in December of 2007, and to us, it was definitely better to stay on property. We got park-hopper tickets, transportation to and from the parks (that actually worked well during our busy stay), and we were on the dining plan, which was is extremely worth it. If you are planning to stay on property, make sure that your hotel is a Disney-owned hotel to receive the benefits.

You should always book your hotel and any dining reservations before going to Walt Disney World. The on-property resorts are often busy, and popular restaurants are filled up even during the slow season. Dining reservations can be made up to 90 days in advance, and you should book as soon as possible for character meals at Cinderella's Castle. Less popular restaurants may be available for walk-ups.

During peak seasons, the parade occurs every night (sometimes twice). During less busy times, or when the park closes early for special events, SpectroMagic is only presented on certain days.

The President celebrates Thanksgiving just the same as we do, with his friends and family, although he is still busy running America.

Wendy's is not open on Thanksgiving day. However, they are open the day after on Black Friday, which is usually a busy day, because there are people who go shopping the day after Thanksgiving.

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Thanksgiving is a very busy travel time because many, many people travel to their families' houses in order to celebrate Thanksgiving with their family.Also, people are able to travel because many people have off on Thursday and even more people have off Friday and possibly the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Having the time off gives people the ability to travel.

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Because they are busy and have lots of people calling Radio Disney. 1- 16 lots of people I know

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Quite busy. There was a War on of course.

It is pretty busy. I wouldn't recommend going. Not half as busy as the Magic Kingdom, but still not one of the best days to visit.

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London,New Yorkand Los Angeles are busy cities

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