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Yes. Tens of thousands of single women travel to Walt Disney World alone each year, on business or pleasure. Walt Disney World is probably one of the safest destinations you�ll ever find, for a woman traveling alone. Disney security is discreet, but all-pervasive. Cameras and security in plain clothes are everywhere. That said, do exercise your normal caution and don�t flaunt the fact that you are traveling alone. Stick to well populated, well-lit areas during the wee hours of the morning. Staying at a Disney hotel and using the Disney transport, especially buses, offers even greater security.

You�re unlikely to be accosted by would-be Romeos, have to fend off unwelcome attention, or even offered a free drink, in any of Disney�s restaurants, bars, clubs or lounges. If you want to meet locals and other tourists, City Walk is the place.

Behind the Scenes tours are great for adults of all ages. And, don�t miss high tea at the Grand Floridian hotel!

Make the most of your solo time by touring at your own pace. Take in a movie if you feel like it, wander the World Showcase at Epcot, enjoy the behind-the-scenes tours and go shopping! And don�t miss one of my favorite Disney exploits � eating a fancy lunch at 2 or 3 in the afternoon, in a nearly deserted restaurant!

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Q: Is Walt Disney World safe for women traveling alone?
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