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Q: Is Wet hair physical or chemical change?
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When you shower and your wet hair begins to dry is that a chemical change?

No, there is no change at all to you hair. _____________ This is not a chemical change, but a physical change instead.

Is a wet handkerchief is physical or chemical change?

physical as the chemical structure does not change.

Is drying of fish is a chemical change?

No. Physical cause it hasn't changed its just gone from wet to dry :-)

Is hanging wet towels a chemical or physical change?

It is a physical change. Being changed from wet to dry.

Is blow drying your hair an example of a chemical or physical change?

It's a physical change because when blow drying your hair, no new substance is made it just changed its form/appearance; from wet to dry. Therefore, it's a physical change.

Is a wet road drying in the wind a physical or chemical change?

Physical change. The water on the road evaporates, which is a physical change.

Is washing hair a chemical or physical change?

Washing your hair is both a chemical and physical change. The chemicals and water is mixing with your hair to clean it and the physical change aspect of it is that your hair is going to be wet and look clean.

Is saliva chemical or physical change?

i know that its physical change because all you saliva is doing is making the food wet

When you add soda ash to fabric is it a physical or chemical change?

both. the clothes becomes wet which is a physical change and the chemicals in the soda going through the fabric of your clothes is a chemical change.

Why a evaporation of water is a physical changes?

It is a physical change because no chemical process is being done, only the fact that it was wet now is dry, a chemical change would be putting salt on ice.

Why is drying wet clothes a physical change?

The water is merely going from a liquid state to a gas state. Its chemical identity remains the same.

What processes is not a physical change drying wet clothescutting snowflakes out of paper lighting a match from a matchbox?

lighting a match from a matchbox is a chemical change.