Is WikiAnswers fake

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No, WikiAnswers is not fake. If WikiAnswers was fake, you couldn't have asked the question you asked, and I wouldn't be answering it. So, WikiAnswers is real.

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Q: Is WikiAnswers fake
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Is this site real or fake?

Real -WikiAnswers Headquarters

Is WikiAnswers website fake?

No but sometimes it doesn't give me the answer./

Isn't WikiAnswers a fake cause people are answering them?

Wikianswers is a website where anyone can answer questions posted.

What do you say when you want to fake sick?

WikiAnswers will not assist in deception.

What are fake tattoos made of?

Realistic-looking fake tattoos can be created with simple fine-point markers.Enjoy wikianswers!

How do you make fake crack cocaine?

WikiAnswers does not support the illegal activity or in this case the fake illegal activity for making illegal drugs.

Does WikiAnswers have fake answers?

some people on wikianswers think it is funny to put in wrong answers. we have supervisers that find bad answers and make them right.

Why do people come to WikiAnswers if they think it is rude silly fake or any number of other negative things?

People don't care if it is fake they just want answers.

Can you fake your age on WikiAnswers?

You can fake your age on anything that you don't have to provide evidence for - and sometimes get away with it for a while, but your attitudes and demeanour may give you away. But why would you want to???

Why can't you put in a fake email to create a new account on WikiAnswers?

Because wikianswers wants only genuine people who are here to ask and answer questions & use this website in a positive way.

How do you fake a seizure?

WikiAnswers is not going to help you fake a serious condition. People who have seizures are not playing around. They have a disorder that could possibly be life-threatening, so it's not fun and games.

Why is wikianswers gay and the people on it?

because we have nothing else to do and just spend our life giving people fake answers!! :D

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