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Is WikiAnswers in love with Nick Jonas?

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Does Nick Jonas have a WikiAnswers account?

If Nick Jonas has a WikiAnswers account, he has kept it private. Many users have claimed to be Nick Jonas. However, none of them have supplied admin actual ID or documentation to be considered credible.

Do you like Nick Jonas Kevin Jonas or Joe Jonas?

I love nick jonas

Does Nick Jonas have WikiAnswers?

Since wikianswers is on the internet, it should be viewable to everyone

Who is the true love of Nick Jonas?

The answer is that Miley Cyrus is the true love of who we call Nick Jonas.

Who's the hotest Jonas brother?

Nick Jonas my one true love Nick Jonas my one true love

What are some Nick Jonas jokes?

i would love to nick a jonas ;)

Who is the best Jonas Borther?

They are all AWESOME! I personally love Nick! I LOVE NICK JONAS PEACE,LOVE,JONAS <3 <3 <3

In love with a celeb?

im in love with nick Jonas and joe Jonas

I Am In Love With This Guy Maned Nick Jonas?

Almost every girl is in love with "a boy name Nick Jonas"

Does Nick Jonas like Amber Bakelac?

You never know. You can't tell what Nick Jonas is feeling just by typing in a question in wikianswers.

Does Emily osment love Nick Jonas?

noooo she don t love him or like him because Miley Cyrus love nick Jonas

Does Nick Jonas love Miley Cyrus?

Nobody can know the answer to this except for Nick Jonas himself.

How do you know Joe Jonas is love with you?

Your name is Nick Jonas

You love Nick Jonas will he like you?


Can i love Nick Jonas?

If you want.

How old was Miley Cyrus when she was in love with Nick Jonas?

Miley Cyrus was 15 or 16 when she fell in love with nick Jonas i think

Is joe being like nick and nick being like Joe Jonas?


Does Nick Jonas like you quiz?

WikiAnswers is not a quiz site. We are a question and answer website.

Nick Jonas sellnumber?

Sorry it is not permissable to publish personal information on WikiAnswers

What is the address of Nick Jonas from the Jonas Brothers to contact him?

WikiAnswers does not give out personal information such as phone numbers and addresses.

Does Nick Jonas love cheerleaders?

yes nick Jonas loves cheerleaders but his favorite is Courtney Britton

Do you love Nick Jonas Kevin Jonas?

F**k no. NO one in their right mind can love them.

Does Nick Jonas like norwegian girls?

Hey guys..its nick jonas... just making the daily rounds of googling myself on the internet. I thought this was an interesting question. i love norwegian girls. they have awesome accents. peace out Nick J. : - POther Answer: First of all, you are NOT Nick Jonas, and the WikiAnswers website does not particularly appreciate posers. And to answer the question...yes, I guess he does. He has no preference.

Nick is you get to see camrock?

i love nick Jonas by fazzaih khan

Is Nick Jonas still in love with Miley Cyrus?

nick hates her