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No, they are not the same source. In fact, each site has a different source. WikiAnswers' source is from other trusted websites (though generally not Wikipedia) and the experience of over four million members.

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2010-01-20 03:04:37
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Q: Is Wikipedia the same source as WikiAnswers?
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Is WikiAnswers made by the same people that make Wikipedia?

Despite the same "wiki" prefix, WikiAnswers and Wikipedia are not owned by the same companies. WikiAnswers is owned by, while Wikipedia is owned by the Wikimedia Foundation.

What does Wikipedia do?

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia. WikiAnswers and Wikipedia are not the same thing.

Is there a link to get to Wikipedia from

you just find the wikianswers on wikipedia. they are basically the same but wikianswers answer questions

Is WikiAnswers and Wikipedia the same thing?


Are Wikipedia and WikiAnswers controlled by the same people?

No, they are two separate entities. WikiAnswers is owned by and has an agreement with Wikipedia about connecting to their content.

Is WikiAnswers run by Wikipedia?

No, WikiAnswers is not run by Wikipedia.

Does Wikianswers and Wikipedia come from the same company?

WikiAnswers and WikipediaNo, WikiAnswers and Wikipedia are not owned by the same company.|WikiAnswers and it's sister site,|ReferenceAnswers are owned by Answers Corp. ReferenceAnswers is similar to Wikipedia, except that the content comes from many sources, including encyclopedias and Wikipedia, and the overall content is not user-generated.Wikipedia is owned by another company.

Why doesn't WikiAnswers have a link to Wikipedia?

WikiAnswers is not associated with Wikipedia.

Has Wikipedia got anything to do with WikiAnswers?

No, Wikipedia and WikiAnswers are not affiliated.

Is WikiAnswers provided by wikipedia?

No, WikiAnswers is not provided by Wikipedia. WikiAnswers is part of However, they do contract with Wikipedia for license to use some of their information.

Is WikiAnswers the same as wikipidia?

No. Wiki.Answers and Wikipedia are two completely different sites.

Is Wikipedia associated with WikiAnswers?

No, they are separate entities. Wikipedia is run by the Wikipedia Trust and WikiAnswers is owned by

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