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yes. Yahoo! Personals is exactly the place for personal ads. You must be a registered member of Yahoo to place a personal ad. There are many classification categories in which to place your personal ad.

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Q: Is Yahoo personals a place for personal ads?
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Best place for Personals adverts.?

Craigslist is the best place for personal ads. It has a wide readership and is popular, so you are likely to reach a higher number of people responding.

Can't view the personal ads in kijiji?

Personals category has been discontinued by Kijiji

Where could one find a local Lincoln Mercury supplier?

A local Lincoln Mercury supplied can be found on Yahoo personal ads, searching your local area. Yahoo personals are useful as many ordinary users advertise here and it increases the likeliness of finding something local that suits you.

Where can someone find totally free personals?

Personals can be found free of charge at most newspaper websites that offer those type of ads in their papers. Personal ads can also be found on other nationwide classified ad websites.

Where is it possible to get free personals ads?

It is possible to get free personal ads online on various websites. The most recommended websites are 'Megafriends', 'ClassifiedAds' and 'TheFreeSite'.

How can someone take out the personals pop up ads in Yahoo Mail?

To get rid of the pop up ads in Yahoo mail, the best thing is disable the pop-up blockers for all sites or just a specific one. From Options - Accessories - choose pop-up blocker.

Where would one find a personals ad for women seeking men?

There are many online dating websites such as match and eharmony where one can search personal ads. There are also classified websites such as craigslist or your local newspaper where you can search through personal ads as well.

What does one find in personals ads?

Some personal ads may contain information about whether a person is male or female, straight or gay, what one's hobbies might be, and whether one likes to travel.

What does MEAN SW mean on personals ads?

SW means single woman.

How do you Remove ads in Yahoo IM?

What does LTR mean in personals ads?

Long Term Relationship most likely.

How do you stop yahoo ads at bottom of page?

you don't