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no it is no recognized by pmdc and it is not recognized with with any govt sect in Pakistan ...

the graduates from yangtez will have to appear for PMDC"s NEB test.

if the students hold NOC for appearing in the test

otherwise this degree is useless for the students who graduates from this university

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Q: Is Yangtze university recognized by pec?
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Is hitec university taxila cantt recognised by pec?

yes hitec university was recognized by pec in the end of 2011.

Is Fast university's electrical computer engineering recognised by hec and pec?

yes FAST university is recognized by HEC or PEC

Is comsats sahiwal university is accridated by pec?

Mechanical engineering in comsats sahiwal is not accridated by pec but dully recognized. in other campuses all the engineering department are recognized from pec.

Is university of central Punjab degree is recognized from pec?

Yes It is...

Is the electrical engineering in Punjab university is recognized by pec?

Yes, it is recognized by PEC . i am in session 2006-2010, Electrical Engineering, College of Engineering & Emerging Technologies (CEET), University of Punjab, Lahore.

What is the rank of Yangtze university in pm and dc?

yangtze university is a third class university for mbbs and not recognized by pmdc even wHO do not trust on consultant get admission in any other university

Is electrical engineering of UET is recognized by PEC?

Degrees offered by University of Engineering and Technology in Electrical Engineering is fully recognized by Pakistan Engineering Council.

Is pieas recognised by pec?

yes it recognized by pec and it is 1st in ranking in pakistan

Is pieas is recognised by pec?

yes it recognized by pec and it is 1st in ranking in Pakistan

When was PEC University of Technology created?

PEC University of Technology was created in 1921.

Is pieas recognized by pec?

No currently not

What is the motto of PEC University of Technology?

PEC University of Technology's motto is 'Lead Us From Darkness to Light'.