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No, it is an example of the past progressive tense. "You are speaking." is the present progressive tense.

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Q: Is You were speaking an example of the present progressive tense?
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What is the present progressive tense of speak?

I am speakingWe/You/They are speakingHe/She/It is speaking

Present progressive tense end in?

The present progressive tense ends in ING.For example, I am walking, I am talking etc. answer

What are the 12 tenses?

present tense past tense future tense present perfect tense past perfect tense future perfect tense present progressive tense past progressive tense future progressive tense present perfect progressive tense past perfect progressive tense future perfect progressive tense

What are the 5 progressive tense?

There are actually 6: Present progressive tense Present perfect progressive tense Past progressive tense Past perfect progressive tense Future progressive tense Future perfect progressive tense The progressive tense is also known as the continuous tense.

What is the example of present progressive tense?

Present progressive/continuous is formed with - am/is/are + present participle.I am watching youHe is watching youThey are watching you.

What is the difference between present and past progressive tense?

example, past tense, "i took the apple" present tense "im taking the apple"

Is has been singing a present or past tense?

"Has been singing" is in the present perfect progressive tense. "Is singing" is the present progressive tense.

What is the present progressive tense of we are running?

I am planting and he/she/it is planting.We (you/they) are running is also the present progressive tense.

What is the present progressive tense of begin?

The present progressive tense of begin:I am beginning.You/We/They are beginning.He/She/It is beginning.

How do you use the horses present progressive tense?

A verb is needed for the present progressive tense. Horses is a plural noun.Example of horse as the subject of a sentence in the present progressive tense: The horses are galloping.

What is the present progressive tense of place?

The present progressive tense of place is:I am placing.You/We/They are placing.He/She/It is placing.

What is the present progressive tense of withdraw?

The present progressive tense of withdraw is:I am withdrawing.You/We/They are withdrawing.He/She/It is withdrawing.

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