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Is Zac Efron dating a girl named Chadel?

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NO WAY!!!! I mean no offense but in every mag u find the word: zanessa!!If he was dating a girl called Chadel I would be married to david Beckam!!!ahahahahahah no just joking

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What are the chances of a girl named Litia that is 14 dating Zac Efron?

He would not date her. Hes 22! He has a girlfriend!

Did Zac efron dating another girl?

"NO"=He's not vanessa anne hudgens and zac efron are couple==there dating about=10 years

Is Justin bieber dating a girl named Elena?

No he is not dating a girl named Elena

Nick Jonas was on this interview and he said his closest girl friend was this jenna girl Is he dating her?

He is not dating anyone named Jenna!!! He's dating a girl named Hannah!

Is Rihanna dating a girl?

No Rihanna is not dating a girl. Rihanna is dating a man named Matt Kemp.

Would Zac Efron go out with a girl named Jasmine?

No he wouldn't.

Is zak bagans dating a girl named Lisa?

no Zak Bagans is not dating a girl named Lisa and actually he is not dating any one right now.

Is Zac Efron dating an Australian girl?

no he is stil dating vanessa hudgens and they have been going out since after they filmed hsm.

Who is Nicki Manaij dating?

she dating a girl named senish

Does Zac Efron know a girl named Chelsea Scroggins?

No and who the heck is Chelsea scrOggins... Zac efron is married to keke

Who is Jacob latimore really dating?

he's dating a girl inCincinnati named Ciara and Diggy Simmons is dating a girl named Alexis and they sisters. i heard they go to a all girl school.

Is Roshon Fegan dating a girl named qumarri?

No, he is dating a girl called Megan Harvey.

Who is Cole dateing?

Yes he is dating some girl named Brigette! And Dylan is dating a girl named Macy Landis! They both have facebooks

Does Zac Efron love a girl named Asia?

yup that's true really this girl is right .

Is Zac Efron dating a girl who is not famous?

yeah he is dating a girl called Katherine i think but we don't know her last name zac wont tell us

Why is everyone saying Zac Efron is dating a Katherine girl?

It's not true , he's still dating Vanessa Anne Hudgens :)

Is Zac Efron like black people?

Yes, he likes black people, he is secretly dating a girl named Anna Wiley. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens broke up. Now he loves someone Anna who lives in San Francisco, California.

Who is damian mcginty dating?

He is dating a girl named Jennifer Howell.

Who is Brian from stereo skyline dating?

He is dating a girl named Sarah

Does Justin Bieber like a girl named Tess?

Justin Bieber never publicly stated if he likes a girl named Tess or not. If by 'like' you mean dating, then no. Justin Bieber is not dating a girl named Tess.

Who is the girl from Hairspray that Zac Efron loves?

=No way Zac Efron was still dating Vanessa Hudgens==at the time. And they have never been==more than friends.=

What is some information on ray ray in mindless behavior?

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Who is diggy simmons girl?

He is dating a girl named Mesha McDonald

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Tom is dating this girl named ANGIE

Who is romeo miller dating in 2010?

He is dating a girl named Tyesha in hollywood.