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Is a 1989 kx 100 2 stroke good for a 15 year old?

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As a starter bike yes, but an experienced rider will want a 125 or 250.

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Is a 1996 Honda xr 100 a 2 or 4 stroke?

four stroke.

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What is the top speed for a dirt bike?

125cc 4-stroke is about 50mph 125cc 2-stroke is about 75-80mph 250cc 4-stroke is about 75-80mph 250cc 2-stroke is about 100-120mph 450cc 4-stroke is about 100-120mph 500cc 2-stroke is about 180+mph

What year is a 100 hp mercury outboard serial number OC124253?

A 100 hp Mercury outboard, serial number OC124253 would be a 1989 year model.

What oil does a tohatsu 25hp engine use?

If it is a 4 stroke then use SAE 10w-30 100% synthetic. If it is a 2 stroke use a 2 stroke 100% synthetic oil.

How old is my marlin model 60?

100- the first to numbers in the S/N= Year Mine is 11 100-11=1989

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Is the kx 100 a 4 stroke?

No it is a 2 stoke.

How should you drive 2 stroke Yamaha 100?

I usually used my AG100 yamaha motorcycle on an offical that why am asking you to help me to my in a good condition.

What is the gas to oil ratio in a Mercury 4 stroke outboard motor?

Its 4 stroke so 100:0

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Fuel oil mixture 80 hp mariner outboard?

100 to 1 100 mls of oil to 5 litres of fuel, use premuim fuel and good quality 2 stroke oil

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Is a 1974 Johnson 9.9 boat motor 2 stroke or 4 stroke?

The 1974 is a two stroke and weighs approximately 72 lbs. The four stroke equivalent from Johnson today is a little over 100 lbs.

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How fast is a Honda crf 100cc 2 stroke?

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What is the oil to gas ratio for a 6hp Suzuki outboard motor?

The sticker on the side of my 6hp two stroke Suzuki OB reads 100 to 1. Unsure of the year.

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