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Is a 2pence with a necklace on worth anything?

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If it has been modified (soldered, holed) no. And in any case, if it's a modern (1971 or later) 2p coin, it's only worth face value - that's 4¢ U.S.

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Necklace of Command isn't really worth anything. If you have the shiny 'Ultimate Rare' version, you might get £1 for it at the most.

When a person has a lot of jewelry it is important to know it's worth. A pearl necklace can be worth a lot, but its worth is dependent on the type of pearl it is, and how many are on the necklace.

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A 14kt gold necklace is worth about $70-$500 at the most!!!

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They are worth One Pound. All British coins minted from 1985 to 1997 inclusive use the "Third Portrait" of Queen Elizabeth II which show her wearing a Diadem, earrings and a necklace. The Royal Mint produced 853,875,418 One Pound coins using the Third Portrait (with necklace).

jewellry... a nice watch or necklace...(for a girl) if your on a budget flowers and a card anything from you is worth a million suns

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The value of a pearl necklace can only be established by examination. Pearls come in differing qualities. Take the necklace to a jeweller for assessment.

In the end, the necklace that Madame Loisel borrowed from her friend was actually a fake diamond necklace; which was worth nothing to lose her wealthy life over.

Well many may say loads and many may say very little it depends who and where you selling it to. I believe its worth about say 2pence But others may think more or less.

Its not a gold necklace, its gold plated silver. If you don't give us the weight of the piece, no one can help you. Silver is not like a brand name or something, its a commodity, its valued by the weight, by exactly how much physical metal you have.

if it is a small little homeade necklace made out of string and such i would pay one dollar

lotus lady 16" pearl necklace value

it is about $50,000to $90,000

the diamond necklace was loose. And Mathilde buy a new one that look like with the lost one, the new necklace are worth of 40 thousands francs. But the lost diamond necklace was a paste and worth 500 francs only. But it's too late to known. :(

The value of an 18k gold plated necklaces worth would depend on the current buy back price and the market in your area. Naturally, the price for a necklace that is gold plated will be less than a necklace that is solid gold.

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