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If you are referring to a 305 V8, the answer is no, that wasn't not a very powerful engine and was normally installed in a larger car.

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Q: Is a 305 to powerful for a first car?
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Will 305 truck heads work on a 305 car block?


What car is this 305 out of gm460777?

vans vans

How much power does a stock 305 gmc sierra engine have?

Its not very powerful at all. I have a 305 in my 1995 Sierra 4x4 probably around 225 hp,

Can the 305 be put into a Corvette?

Yes, but why would you want to? a 350 is a much more reliable, more powerful engine than the 305 which was plagued with problems and had very little power.

What does 305 Miami mean?

305 Miami is like when you first dial a number for a phone thing. You will either start of with 305 or 786

What year was the motorcar invented?

The first engine was created in 1672, but the first powerful car dream came true around 1860.

Harder to drive more powerful car?

no its not,,,,,is really easier to drive a more powerful car

Are 305 and 350 tbi the same?

NO the first has 305 cubic inches and the other has 350 cubic inches

How do you swap a Chevy 305ci 5.0l into your 1980 Malibu that had a 231ci 3.8l v6 cheap and easy.and where can you get cheap reliable performance parts?

There is no cheap and easy way to make this swap, aside from finding a donor car for parts. And why would you install a 305? If you are going to do it, install a 350. Way better and more powerful engine than the 305. If the 305 will fit then the 350 will fit. You can buy a brand new, (Not Rebuilt), 350 for less than $2,000 with a 3/36 warranty.

How do you Set valves 305?

I had a 305 with over 300,000 miles on it, but what I do to my cars I may never do to a customer's car. check out, that website looks likr the hot setup to me.

How much hoerse does a 1986 305 Chevy engine have?

Is it a high output (H.O) or just a regular 305 also was it originally in a car or truck. with this info you will be getting a better answer but just a plane Jane 305 is somewhere in the 265 hp area

How much does 400 Chevy engine weigh?

I believe it is about the same as a 305 / 350. 600 lbs. I recently swapped a 400 into a trans am with a 305 and the car weighed the same at the track.