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There are no 3 1/2 year old kittens. By that age, they are cats. The kittens are ready to go to new homes at about 12 weeks.


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Probably about 1 year . You can make one unless you get your mama cat fixed then you cant make a kitten.

Usually, a kitten is considered an adult when it reaches a year or year and a half, which is the time a cat has stopped growing and developing. Larger breeds can take two or three years to fully mature.

when it turns one year old.

A kitten is a baby cat (under one year old), but is called a kitten. A cat is an adult cat, over one year in age.

Yeah....female kittens can have kittens at 4-6 months old. Cats are no longer considered kittens at one year old, they are adult cats.

It takes at least a year for a kitten to fully grow into a cat.

I think it depends on the cat. My mom had a cat and her kitten died and for like the next year or two she was looking for her kitten.

The lifespan of the average household kitten is usually one year. After one year the kitten is considered an adult cat.

my new kitty is about 11 months and she is almost full grown. she is smaller than my 5 year old cat, I'm guessing about 1 year and a half?

Yes. If the sixteen year old is responsible and able too.

No, they grow up. Kittens become adult cats around one year of age.

A kitten is an immature cat. A cat is considered fully grown and mature over 1 year old. A cat is a full-grown feline 1 year and older. A kitten is any cat younger than 1 year old.

you just leave! you are able to move out at age 17

A kitten can grow up fast or slow and many breeds stay a kitten for just one year or may do for a little longer or shorter. Ragdolls do not reach full growth until 4 years.

after naruto and jiriya leave on a 2 and a half year trip

Be with Us - A Year With--- Atomic Kitten 2003 V is rated/received certificates of: UK:E

You can start giving your kitten regular cat food when he is about 1-year-old.

That depends on the needs of the service. If you are stationed in the US, you will probably be able to take leave a couple times a year. It is very common to take leave between duty stations.

As long as they do not want a dog, they can take care of the kitten and understand what they can not do with the kitten, sure buy them a kitten. If they can't, or as most kids say "I forgot" when they don't take responsibility. Buy them a fish if there is ANY doubt.

It is not normal that a four year old girl would kill a kitten on purpose and the parents should seek immediate psychological counseling for her. If it was an accident and she held the kitten too tight or smothered it then it's just an accident.

Yes, kittens are indeed real. The word "kitten" is used for a young cat less than a year old. After a year old, the kitten is considered to be fully grown and is called a "cat".

aslong as they are in heat and over 10 months old.I know this because my kitten had a litter of kittens with a 2 year old when she was 11 months old!!

Yes. A cat is still a kitten until it turns one year old.

No, it is not correct grammar to write About a year and a half year ago.The correct way: about a year and a half ago.Example sentences:The family moved out about a year and a half ago.About a year and a half ago, I broke my ankle.The phrase "about a year and a half ago" means "about 18 months ago".

Half a year is 6 months

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