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yes a 6 inch penis is perfectly normal


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ur bigger than the normal the normal size is 5-6 inch

Average for a adult is 5-6 inches.

I'm 15 and have a 6 and a half inch penis, it's above the average. An average man's penis is about 6 inches

Normal is whatever a person has. Average adult is 6 to 7.

below average............................average is based on 5.5 to 6

The average length for of an adult's erect penis is 6 to 7 inches so for a boy of 13 to have a 4 inch erect penis is perfectly normal and nothing to be bothered about at all.

It can be, yes. At this age you are growing through Puberty so the penis is also growing. The average adult erect size is 6 inch.

I am 17 and i have a 10 inch penis. Haha your blessed. When i was 13 it was like 8 inches. Your not normal, but your not weird, you just have a big penis!

yes anywhere between 6-9 inch's would be normal for you

The average pinis for an ault is 6 inch

No, you are completely normal. Average size of an erect penis on an adult male is 4-6", so you are right in the big middle of normal.

If you are 15 years old , and have a 3 inch penis and it is 7 inches when hard then it is quite normal.

average size in America for a white man is 5.1 inch for Mexican is 5.9 inch and for blacks 6.5 inch, Asian 4.4 inch

So what if you do? Are you asking if that is a normal size or are you bragging? The average length of a guy's penis is between 6 and 7 inches when erect so if you have a 7 inch penis at 17 you have nothing to worry about.

Normal is considered to be between 4" and 6" erect, so you're right in the middle of normal.

im 13 mate and my penis when erect is about 6 inches is ur 1 inch when uve got a erection or normall my penis when normal is about 2 inch so dont worry it may grow

Then you are normal for your age.

Yes, the average penis size for men ranges from 4.5" to 6". You are above the average. :)

There is no 'normal' size. It varies depending on the person. 6.5 inches is in the normal range for most males.

6 to 7 is average for an adult, so you are probably a little above average.

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