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Is a Canada goose a type of Furbearer?

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The Canada Goose is named after a man with the last name of Canada, therefore the proper name is Canada Goose. The goose does not come strictly from Canada- so it is not a Canadian goose. The plural is also a group of Canada geese. The story of John Canada has not been proven but the name Canada Goose was also used by Audubon.

what is oklahoma's state furbearer

Canada Goose was created in 1758.

Yes. The Canadian goose is native to Canada, hence the name Canadian goose.

The Canada goose is named after a man with the last name of Canada. The Canada goose is a native bird of Canada and is an important role in Canada's tourism industry.

a Canada goose is called 'une oie du Canada' in French.

Canada Goose - clothing -'s population is 600.

The Scientific name of Canada Goose is Branta canadensis.

Canadian Icons sells Canada Goose for Kids and offers free shipping!

Canada Goose - clothing - was created in 1957.

the white parka? if so its a canada goose jacket; arctic exploration type jacket I believe that the parka is a Canada Goose "Expedition parka" but not 100% sure.

Canada Goose (clothing) is also known as Canada Goose Expedition Clothing Expedition Outfitters. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and manufactures cold weather outerwear.

Canada geese do not hibernate.

Canada Goose stands 21.7 to 43.3 inchestall._Isaac L White

Amazon sells Canada Goose Expedition Parkas. It appears that on this website, the average price for a Canada Goose Expedition Parks is $600 due to their durability.

No. Canada has no national bird

It probably could be called either one (although I've never heard it called Canadian Goose before) but most of the time its Canada Goose

Curtis P. Nettels has written: 'canada goose jakke' -- subject(s): Economic conditions 'canada goose' -- subject(s): Economic conditions 'canada goose jakke' -- subject(s): Civilization, History 'canada goose jakke' -- subject(s): Biography, Causes, History, Statesmen

Ducks from Canada. If you mean Canada Goose, it is a brand making jackets.

It was named Branta canadensis by Linnaeus, the father of scientific naming, in 1758. The name means goose of Canada.

The Canadian Goose is a native bird in Canada, it is not however the symbol of Canada any more than the American Black Duck is the symbol of the United States.

Kit Howard Breen has written: 'La bernache du Canada' 'The Canada goose' -- subject(s): Canada goose, Wildlife conservation

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