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Q: Is a GPA of 3.923 a good average for a Masters Degree?
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Is an associate's degree a good degree to have?

No you get very little money. You probably want to get your masters degree or your doctorist degree. You get alot of money

What education you need to become a mineralogist.?

good in science and math. Also a masters and bachloar degree with 3 years in a bsc degree

Which accountancy course you should take up after your graduation with the view of good salary?

A masters degree

If i get a 78 as a overall comulative average What will happen Can i continue masters in usa in good universities?

Yes, a cumulative average of 78 is really commendable. With a cumulative average of 78 you can continue with your masters in the US.

What grades do you need to have to get a masters degree in social work?

Many schools will require you to get very good grades in order to pursue a masters degree in social work with them. Some schools will require you to get an overall GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Why you choose major marketing in MBA?

Because its the Masters of Buisness and you will get a good job and a lot of money if you get the degree

What would be a good degree to couple with my public safety degree?

A good degree would be a masters in investigation. I suggest going to your teacher and asking what class you should take next, since he/she probably knows whats best for you.

How good is a Associate's degree in Marketing?

Personal opinion is, any field within the business area should be no less than a bachelors degree with further attainment of a masters degree in mind.

What is oneirologist?

An oneirologist is a person who scientifically studies dreams. They are usually have a good background in psychology, such as a masters degree.

Why should your masters degree from AUI considered unacceptable?

The masters program offered at Atlantic International University is good and adult-friendly. The program is well suited for slowlearning adults.

What make succeful carer?

A good career is something that many people strive for. Good money and benefits are positive traits of a good career.

Okay what are some amazing fun jobs that makes really good money but doesn't require a masters degree.?

A Pilot is a great job! It requires no Master's degree.