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All animals can and should be considered to be dangerous. Depending on the situation, either one of these sharks is capable of being more dangerous than the other.

This question DOES call for opinion. They are EQUALLY dangerous. Both are mackeral sharks-lamniforms. They have a metabolic edge on most other sharks & fish in that they're partially warm blooded. I'm not sure about the great white , but a mako needs to eat 5 times more in relation to body mass than a sandbar shark, although I'm not sure where either stands up against other species. It does suggest a mako is more likely to be hungry.

Both great white & mako have large, stabbing & cutting teeth. Mako teeth have a higher aspect ratio, & lack the serrations of the teeth of great whites. Contrary to some claims, mako sharks are not limited to prey they can swallow whole. Their teeth can cut & dismember as well as stab & hold. They are known to have taken swordfish, & there's evidence that they have killed dolphins.

Great whites are more well known for taking mammals-seals & sea lions. There are more documented attacks on humans by great whites. This may be accounted for by the fact that white sharks are more inclined to hang around coastal waters, whereas makoes are more nomadic & prefer the open ocean, sometimes travelling as far as 30 miles per day on average, so they might not encounter humans as often.

In a confrontation b/n the 2, the gw's superior size & more robust & serrated teeth will most likely give him the edge. A mako's speed might keep him out of reach.

Neither are immune to orca(killer whale) predation.

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Q: Is a Great White shark or a Mako shark more dangerous?
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Is the mako shark dangerous to humans?

Mako sharks can be pretty dangerous. But still not even close to being as dangerous as bull,tiger,hammerhead, or great white

What is the difference between the mako shark and great white shark?

Great White shark has a 2 year prison term attached to it. That is the difference between Great White shark and Mako shark.

Who would win mako shark or great white shark?

The Great White Shark but it might be possible if the White Shark was smaller than the Mako which rarely happens.

Is the mako shark more dangerous or the great white shark?

The mako shark is easily the fastest subspecies of sharks and is a very popular sport fish. The great white shark is the largest predatory shark in the present day. The great white is much more of a threat to humans but both animals, like any creature, should be treated with respect.

What is the smartest shark?


What are the top five most dangerous sharks?

5. Mako shark,4.oceanic white tip shark,3.tiger shark,2.great white shark,1.bull shark

Is a mako shark bigger than a white shark or smaller than it?

Great White sharks are bigger than Mako sharks...

What would win in a fight a mako shark or a great white shark?

Depends, The shortfin mako is the fastes fish in the sea but the great white is extremely powerful. The great white shark would most likely win.

Can a Great White kill a Mako shark?


Who are predators of the mako shark?

other sharks, either mako, or bigger sharks

Do any dangerous sharks live in the medeterainian sea?

Yes. The three most dangerous sharks can be found in the Mediterranean* sea.Dangerous sharks found:Great WhiteTiger sharkBull sharkBlacktip sharkThree species of hammerheadsShortfin mako shark

What are facts about the mako shark?

The Mako shark has many common names such as Mako, Short-fin Mako, Sharp nosed Mackerel shark, and Blue Pointer in Australia. The Mako shark can live up to 25 years. It is a furious fighter and it reaches about 12 feet in length. Its closest relatives are the Long-fin Mako, Great White shark, and Probeagle.For more Facts on the Mako shark type in, What is the Mako sharks description, what does the Mako shark eat, and how much the Mako shark can weigh. :D

What 3 shark species drown if the stop swimming?

Great White, blue shark,and MAko

What sharks are in the lamnidae family?

ANSWER:Great White Shark, Shortfin and Longfin Mako Shark, Salmon Shark, and the Porbeagle Shark.

What are some carnivores from Finding Nemo?

Great White Shark, Mako Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Angler Fish

What are the most deadliest sharks?

Tiger Great White Mako?

Is a Mako or larger than great white sharks?

the White Shark is the largest of the predatory sharks.

What are the worlds top ten most dangerous sharks?

10-Lemon Shark 9-Blue Shark 8-Hammerhead Shark 7-Sand-Tiger Shark 6-Grey Reef Shark [Reef Shark] 5-Short-Fin Mako Shark [Mako Shark] 4-Ocianic White-Tip Shark 3-Tiger Shark 2-Bull Shark 1-Great White Shark A lot of internet sites say that bull shark is number one which I have found out that is not true, you might be more likely to be attacked by a bull shark but still the Jaws of a Great White are more dangerous. [not trying to scare anyone].

How many types of sharks are dangerous to humans?

Grate white,mako shark,tigershark,bullshark, there is all types of dangerous sharks

Was Megalodon the biggest shark in the world?

yes, then comes the sleeping shark, and then the whale shark, and then basking shark, great white shark, and then the mako shark, bull shark

What is an Isurus oxyrinchus?

A Shortfin Mako shark, cousin to the Great White, and also referred to as a number of other things: mako, paloma, bonito, shortfin, short-finned mako, blue pointer, mackerel shark, spriglio.

Names of sharks?

Bull Shark, Nurse Shark, Gray Shark, Tiger Shark, Mako Shark, Great White Shark and more. hammer shark, whale shark and the tresher shark

What is the best shark to own as a pet?

if you are brave and have a big tank then own any shark(just dont go swimming with it if its dangerous)but if u have a small tank u can get a small shark.these sharks are not recomended>>>>>>>>>>>> great white shark tiger shark bull shark and mako sharks

What sharks live in the Atlantic Ocean?

There are a number of sharks, such as the Shortfin Mako shark, Longfin Mako, Oceanic Whitetip, Great White, Bull Shark, Blue shark, and Whale shark. There are many more sharks that populate the Atlantic, and most of them are migratory.

Can a barracuda beat a shark in a battle?

Yes because a Great white shark would eat that thing like its shrimp. Even a Mako and Tiger shark.