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The serial number by itself doesn't identify a specific model.

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The serial number alone isn't enough to identify the model.

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Is a Holton French horn a good French horn?

Yes, it's a popular and reputable brand.

What are some good french horn brands?

Conn, Holton, and Yamaha are often considered the best manufactured brands. Most professionals have hand made horns, made by and individual.

What is the best single french horn brand?

I asked my dad who's a band teacher, and he said a Holton.

What is a good professional french horn?

Conn 8D is a good professional French horn.

Can you find out the model of your holton french horn from the serial number?

The model number is usually stamped on the leadpipe next to the mouthpiece receiver.

Is the french army a good army?

They're a competent force, and a professional one. Yes i believe they are considered one of the best forces in the world. The training is considered to be very difficult. Hope this helped!

What kink of french horn should a college student buy?

Two common choices are the Conn 8D and the Holton H180. Yamaha is another popular option.

Why can the british be considered the victors over the french in the french and Indian war?

Type your answer here... Why can the British be considered the victors over the French?

Is marmalade considered a French food?

Marmalade is considered to be an English specialty rather than a French one.

What is the french word for professional?

it is professionnel for a man, professionnelle for a female. however there are specific words that mean professional depending on what that person is a professional at doing.

How do you spell professional in French?

(male) professionnel (female) professionnelle

What is the french word for wrestling?

The French word for 'professional wrestling' is 'catch'. There is also the intransitive verb, 'lutter'.

Is French considered a country?

France is a country. French is their language and their nationality.

An interview with the french ambassador about diplomacy in france would be considered a?

An interview with the French ambassador about diplomacy in France would be considered a secondary source.

Is a kiss with tongue considered making out?

Yes, french-kissing is considered making out.

Who is considered The Father of Modern French Cooking?

August Escoffier is often considered, but the true father of French cuisine as we know it today is Fredinand Point.

Are snails a delicacy in France?

Yes, escargot (French for snail) is considered a French delicacy.

How do you spell amuture?

The correct spelling, from the French, is amateur(novice, non-professional).

Is Rollerblades masculine or feminine in french?

rollerblades are called rollers in French. It is considered a masculine noun.

Are french fries considered lipid?

French fries are a carbohydrate, but the oil they were fried in would be a lipid.

What is a french word with all 5 vowels in it?

oiseau (bird) In French, y is considered a vowel.

How do you say i know a little bit of french in a professional way?

English: I know a little bit of french. French: Je connais un petit peu de francais.

Is Moliรจre considered a classical playwright?

Yes, he is also considered the "greatest french actor-playwright"

Where does french breawd comes from?

French bread is often called a baguette. Baguettes are often considered as a symbol of french culture. So baguettes are typically french.

How do you do a Wraparound French Side Ponytail?

This video tutorial by professional hair artist Dhiran Mistry will explain how to do a wraparound French side ponytail.

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