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Technically, yes. The term 'graphic novel' refers to bound volumes of sequential art that tells a story, a description that manga fits.

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Yes, a Japanese comic is called a manga. Manga refers to a style of comic or graphic novel that originated in Japan and is characterized by its unique art style and storytelling techniques.

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Manga is not considered "comic books". Comic books have color and Manga does not-it is just grayscale color.

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Yes,it is a manga in case your wondering an anime is animation in Japanese

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Q: Is a Japanese comic called a manga?
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What is 'manga' called in English?

Manga is a style of Japanese comic books and graphic novels. The term "manga" is commonly used in English to refer to this style of comic art originating from Japan.

Is fairytail a book?

There is indeed a manga(a japanese comic) called Fairytail.

What is a type of Japanese comic book with an adult theme?

One type of Japanese comic book with an adult theme is called "hentai." It features explicit content and sexual themes. It is often categorized as a subgenre of manga.

What do you call Japanese comic books?


What is the Japanese word meaning comic?

Manga - comic; graphic novel

What is h-manga?

H-manga means hentai-manga. Hentai means perverted in Japanese, so... H-manga is a Japanese comic that contains pornographical stuff.

What is the Japanese comic style popularly known as?


What is Yuri manga?

Yuri Manga is a japanese comic depicting lesbians and is normally for mature audiences

When manga was founded?

Manga wasn't founded. It's the Japanese word for a comic book. However, manga has become the generic term for the Japanese style of comic book art and storytelling, which I find to be much better than what Marvel or DC does.

What is the name of a job in japan to make manga?

The job in Japan to create manga is called a "mangaka." Mangaka are responsible for writing and illustrating manga, which are Japanese comic books or graphic novels.

What is the difference between manga and anime?

Manga refers to Japanese comic books or graphic novels, typically in black and white print. Anime refers to animated TV shows or films that are based on manga or original stories. While manga is static and read like a book, anime brings the stories to life through motion and sound.

How created the book bleach?

Technically, Bleach is a manga (Japanese comic), created by the Japanese manga author Tite Kubo. His real name is Noriyaki, I believe. I'm sorry if there's a random book called Bleach and I am mistaken.