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Neither. The Morgan silver dollar is 90% silver, 10% copper.

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A Morgan silver dollar is 90% silver and 10% copper. so a Morgan dollar is .900 silver. sterling silver is .925 and silver bullion is .999 silver

925 is 92.5% Pure Silver or Sterling Silver.

925 Silver or Sterling Silver, is 92.5% Pure Silver and 7.5% Copper

925 means Sterling Silver or 92.5% Pure Silver.

Made in Italy out of silver that is .925 pure silver.

You probably mean 925 silver which is sterling silver. Purity is 925% out of 1000% is pure silver, the rest is copper.

925 is 92.5% Pure Silver, commonly known as Sterling Silver.

.925 silver does have a value, although it is less than pure silver or gold. As of August 2014, the value is of an ounce of .925 silver is $16.81.

DM is the maker's identification. 925 silver refers to the fact that the item is made from 92.5% (or 925 parts per thousand) pure silver.

925 parts pure silver and 75 parts of another metal

925 indicates it it 92.5% pure, in other words Sterling Silver.

No. Sterling Silver is 925 Silver (they are one in the same)Sterling Silver - Sterling silver is a composition of 925 parts pure silver with 75 parts of copper

It means that the item is sterling silver . 925 refers to the purity of the silver. That it is 92.5% pure silver, the rest is hardening metal added as silver is very soft in pure form

.925 means the silver content is 925 parts fine silver and 75 parts copper . Fine silver is noted or stamped .999 and is pure silver.

it is not g25, it is actually .925, as in .925 silver (92.5% pure silver).

925 sterling silver 8mm 925 Sterling Silver Men's Chain Bracelet Jewelry is pure silver or not

925, pertains to the purity of the silver, (925 is the highest it can be marked, nearly pure silver) JTW is a Hatian diamond dealer.

In silver scrap wise yes 925 is more valuable.don't melt old coins they may be valued a lot more that spot silver. .900 silver is basically 90% pure 925 is 92.5% pure .999 is classed as 24ct in the silver world.but you can get purer silver around .99999.but silver can never be 100% pure it always still has other metals in it no mater how pure.

that it is made by 92.5% pure silver

Sterling silver is sometimes marked 925. It is often marked 925 because it contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% of other metals. Pure silver is too soft to make anything useful with.

Silver 925 represents 92.5 percentage of pure silver. 100 percent silver is not suitable for jewelry because it is extremely malleable and it can be damaged easily.

In silver jewelry marked 925 FAS the number indicates that the jewelry is 92.5 percent silver and the rest is a fused silver alloy. Sterling silver, or 925 silver, contains 92.5 percent weight of silver, as compared to 99.9 in pure silver.

No. 92.5% silver is Sterling. US coin silver is 90%.

925 sterling silver jewelry is one of the brightest and malleable metals known to man. Sterling silver comprises of 92.5% of silver and 7,5% of copper along with it.

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