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The "New Service 45 Colt" marking can either mean 45 Long Colt or 45 ACP, although the latter have a shorter cylinder and are extremely rare. Any gunsmith can verify the chamber length. There is no such thing as a 45 long colt it's a 45 colt . The 45 colt ACP is for a auto pistol . If your colt uses 45 APC it will need moon clips. But on the other hand they have a rimmed 45 APC now where you don't need moon clips. Take it to a Gunsmith. Unless the barrel is marked '.45 ACP' or '45 Auto Rim,' it's chambered for the standard .45 Colt cartridge. The mark will be '.45 Colt Ctg' or something very similar. Post-1917 New Service Colts factory-chambered for .45 ACP are rare, but certain 'shadetree gunsmiths' may have altered the chambering. That would involve changing the cylinder stop, the pawl, and the cylinder. TexasCharley -- Correct Markings -- If you have the 1926 patent date, you have a late commercial New Service. As mentioned above, chambering in .45 ACP was rare that late but barrel markings would be the same as the Commercial 1917: .45 AUTO. CTGE. If your gun is marked on the left side of the barrel: .45 COLT, then that is what it is chambered for unless it has been altered (although FAR more .45 ACP revolvers were altered than the other way around). Any gunsmith can mike the chamber and tell immediately.

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Q: Is a New Service 45 Colt pat oct 5 1926 chambered for the 45 Long Colt?
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What is a 45 pistol?

It could be any pistol chambered for one of the several handgun calibers in the .45 family. The most famous .45 handguns are actually chambered for different rounds. The Colt model 1873 "Peacemaker" was offered in .45 Colt or "Long Colt" caliber, among other calibers. And the famous Colt model 1911 was sold in a caliber called .45 ACP (automatic Colt pistol). The .45 ACP is not interchangeable with the .45 Long Colt, but they both fire big heavy bullets at similar velocities.

Can you shoot a 45 cal long colt cartrage out of a rifle chambered for 45-70 govt?

Danger,Do not attempt this!.

Can you fire a 38 long colt in a 357 magnum revolver?

Although it can be done, DO NOT !! Never fire ammunition in a weapon that it is not chambered for.

Will 38 special ammo fit in a 38 colt revolver?

Maybe. You need to figure out which .38 your Colt is chambered in. .38 Short Colt and .38 Long Colt guns will not chamber a .38 Special. .38 Colt Special is the same as regular .38 Special. If you cannot tell which caliber it is you need to take it to a gunsmith and have him tell you.

When was the colt frontier scout GenNathan Bedford Forrest made?

Here is your answer : The gun is a Colt Frontier Scout, chambered in 22 long rifle. It is a commemorative for General Nathan Bedford Forrest. There were 3000 of these pistols made in 1969.

Can you fire a 357 round out of a 38 long colt pistol?

No. .38 Long Colt was the forerunner to .38 Special- and was originally a black powder cartridge. The .38 Special is more powerful- the .357 magnum is MUCH more powerful. Neither the Special nor the magnum should be fired in a gun chambered for .38 Long Colt. This is VERY dangerous.

What is the model and age of a smith and Wesson pistol chambered in 32 long colt with serial number 274910?

Need a detailed description of ALL markings and features

What year was this Colt New Service 45 Long Colt revolver made The serial numbers on the gun are 112581?

Around 1916

Can you use colt 45 and colt 45 long in the same pistol?

Actually, the cartridges are .45 ACP (automatic Colt Pistol) and .45 Colt (the cowboy era revolver cartridge. There is not really a Colt 45 Long. Can a revolver shoot both? Some can- they are chambered for the Colt .45 -but to shoot .45 ACP they need a "half moon clip"- a strip of metal that holds 3 of the shorter .45 ACP cartridges. 2 of those fill a 6 shot revolver. The PISTOL (not revolver) that shoots the .45 ACP cannot shoot the .45 Colt- no groove for the extractor to pull a fired cartridge out of the chamber, and it is too long.

How long has chambered nautilus been around?

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What is the value of a Colt officers model 22 long rifle patent August 5 1884 to October 5 1926?

10-1000 USD depending on specifics.

What is the value of a 1909 45 long colt revolver in NRA good condition?

Single Action Army or New Service?

Can you shoot 45 colt or does it have to be long colt in your Taurus judge?

the judge fires 45 colt which is the same as 45 long colt not to be confused with 45 acp it also fires 410 shot shells

Can you shoot 38 special amunition in a 38 revolver?

There are several .38 calibers out there which have had revolvers chambered for them. .38 Special and .38 Colt Special are the same thing, so if you have a .38 that is either one of those two the answer is yes. .38 S&W, .38 Short Colt, .38 Long Colt are not interchangeable with the .38 Special, so if you have an older gun that is one of those, the answer is no. If you can't figure it out, check with a reputable gunsmith.

Can you shoot a 22 long rifle ammo in a rifle chambered for 22wrf?


How do you load a uberti 45 long colt rifle?

Contact Uberti Customer Service through their website and get an owner's manual. You did not say what MODEL rifle you have.

Can 45 schofield be shot out of 45 colt?

The .45 Schofield can be fired in a .45 Long Colt revolver, but the .45 Long Colt cannot be fired in a .45 Schofield revolver.

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Can shotguns chambered for 3 inch shells also shoot 2 and three quarter inch?

All day long. Any shotgun can handle shorter shells than it is chambered for as long as they are the same gauge.

Have 45long colt derringer will chamber454 casull?

no, just 45 long colt, what is was made for

Will 45 colt rifle ammunition fit 45 colt relvover?

yes, if both weapons are for the 45 long colt cartridge

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.22 colt long riffle. How 2 fix trigger?

how 2 fix trigger on colt .22 long riffle

What was the model of a smith and Wesson revolver chambered for sw 32 long?


Can you use 38 special plus P ammo for the 1800's Iver Johnson 38?

No, and you shouldn't even use. 38 Special ammo in it, either. If it was made in the 1800s, it was probably chambered in .38 Long Colt, and that is the only ammo which is compatible with that revolver.