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Yes, but not in a valuable way. "ALP" is an counterstamp indicating the coin is a replica made of a metal alloy variously known as alpaca silver, nickel silver, or German silver.

Despite its names this alloy doesn't contain any silver. Proportions vary depending on what it's being used for but it's normally about half copper with the rest being nickel, zinc, and sometimes tin.

As such the coin's metal value is only a few cents, and it has no numismatic value because it's a copy.

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Q: Is a Peace dollar with ALP instead of the mint mark special?
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What is with s mint mark on a 1925 dollar coin?

Nothing special. A 1925-S Peace dollar is worth $14 to $20 retail, depending on how worn it is.

Where is the mint mark on a 1921 peace dollar?

There is no mint mark on the 1921 Peace dollar because they were all minted in Philadelphia and thus carry no mint mark.

Where is the mint mark on a 1924 peace dollar?

It's on the back below the ONE no mark means Philadelphia.

What if there is no mint mark on a Peace dollar?

No Mintmark just means it was made in Philadelphia.

How do you tell the difference between a 1928 Philadelphia peace dollar then a normal 1928 peace dollar?

The 1928 Philadelphia Peace Dollar has no mint mark, indicating it was minted in Philadelphia. A normal 1928 Peace Dollar would have a D or S mint mark denoting it was minted in Denver or San Francisco. The absence of a mint mark on the coin indicates it is the Philadelphia Mint version.

Where is mint mark on 1923 dollar?

This is a Peace dollar. The mintmark for Peace dollars is located on the back to the left of the eagles wingtip. Keep in mind it may be blank if it was made at the Philadelphia mint.

What is the little mark under the neck of a 1921 peace dollar?

It's the monogram of the designer, Anthony de Francisci. All Peace dollars have it.

1928 silver dollar?

If the 1928 Peace dollar has no mint mark, circulated coins have retail values of $275.00-$430.00 depending on the grade.

What would a 1928 silver dollar go for?

If the 1928 Peace dollar has no mint mark, circulated values are $290.00-$450.00 depending on the grade

Where do you find the mint mark on a 1928 Silver DollAR?

1928 makes it a Peace dollar. The mint mark is located on the reverse (tails) side, below the word "one." D for Denver, S is San Francisco, and no mark is Philadelphia.

Information on mint marks on 1926 peace dollar?

The 1926 Peace Dollar was minted in three locations: Denver ('D'), San Francisco ('S'), and Philadelphia (no mint mark). The 'S' coin, as its mint state condition improves, carries the highest value. If a Peace dollar has a mint mark, it's located on the reverse side between the word ONE and the eagle's tail feathers.

Are there 1921 peace dollar with no mint mark?

yes, in fact according to my book none of them have mint marks