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Is a Remington Model 514 .22 rifle made to be fitted with a scope?


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Yes, but you have to drill and tap.


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In 1938, Remington began offering that scope on the Model 341 rifle. When you bought it WITH the rifle, it was $8.25.

The scope mount for the Remington Model 750 is regularly sold at

Any scope that you choose to use can be used on your remington model 700.

You can but the receiver flexes and it is difficult for the scope to stay in adjustment.

This is a pump action centerfire rifle manufactured by Remington Arms in Ilion, NY. The serial number of the rifle indicates that it was produced July 1, 1980. The model 760 was produced from 1955 until 1981 when it was replaced by the model 7600 pump action rifle. Approximately 804,600 Model 760 rifle in various calibers were produced during that time. Fred Remington Arms Product Service Manager Ilion, NY 13357

Check the auction sites. Depends on to many variables. Best guess 250-500. The scope is not really add much.

If the Remington 552, 22cal. rifle is in mint condition it is worth about 500.00 bucks. It is in very good condition with a scope. My husband passed away and I was wondering how much to ask for it. Any suggestions?

price of a 710 model Remington rifel..

what is the value of a 760 Remington gamemaster 30/06 with a maverick 3-9 scope. How old is this rifle?

with out scope probally about 250

I hunt with a .270 Remington pump cal. and I have a leopold scope, i bought all of it for about $400, I highly sugest reloading as well after about a couple months of reloading its paid for its self.

I purchased a like new but used Remington 700ML a year ago. Rifle had no manuals, but equipped with BSA red dot scope. I paid $129.95 for the package.AnswerI also purchased a Remington 700ml for 125 with a scope so that seams to be the going rate but I thout I was getting a good deal and the rifle is in EXCELENT condition.

It is not possible to give an answer without a lot more information. The condition of the rifle, that is condition of the metal (blue) and wood (stock). Whether it has a scope or not. Make of scope and type (make of ) base and rings.A Remington 308 Model 788 is worth about $400 dollars in excellent condition without out scope. Could be less or could be more depending on what I stated in the above paragraph.

Technically they are both "Featherweight", but the Deerslayer had a shorter barrel with rifle sights for shooting slugs or buckshot. It could also be fitted with a scope.

Yes, you can mount a scope on a Remington 582 .22 cal. rifle. You will probably need to take off the plastic rear sight. And more than likely you will need high bases if you put on a 1" diameter scope.

If you mean the scene where he shoots the rope on the ferry, that is not a flintlock. It is a Sharps 1865 rifle fitted with a full length J. Stevens brass tube target scope.

with a decent scope and strap, from 600 to 700 if condition is good. 400 to 500 for rifle only.

Made from 1941-1969. Value depends on overall condition. If military marked, value increases. The scope does not add that much value. Range from 300-700

Depending on condition, around $200. The 710 sells for less than the 700. If the rifle has a scope, add the value of the scope.

Leupold Remington 700, one or two piece, you have to determine the action length of the rifle long or short thus the la or sa on the model number

I bought one for my son not to long ago. I paid $480 for the gun. It also came with a 3x9 scope that isn't to expensive. It is a great gun for a beginner.

Remington model 41 target master is an awesome old-time single shot .22 rifle. No provisions for a scope only open sights, a very long (69cm) barrel. My grandfather owned one when I was a kid.

$260-680, depending on condition, scope, exact model, etc

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