Is a Saturn a sports car?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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That depends on the model. Saturn made the SC, which was the "sports coupe", could be considered a sports car; and the Sky was definitely a sports car.

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Q: Is a Saturn a sports car?
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What sports car begins with S?

Saturn's Sky model is a sports car. SEAT's 850 Spider model is a sports car manufactured in Spain. Sylva's J15 model is a sports car manufactured in England.

Is a 2000 Saturn SC1 a sports car?

Yes. The sc1 is a coupe.

Is there a car that begins with the letter s?

sedan stretch limo station wagon sports car Saturn sport utility vehicle

What years was the Saturn Ion Redline in production?

"The Saturn Ion Redline was in production from years 2004-2007. They made a great deal of product that can be found pretty easily. Strong cars, typical little sports car."

How long would it take to drive a car to the planet Saturn?

i am not sure we can go to Saturn by a car and a car cant leave the ground.but i think it will take 1645 years to get to Saturn by a car.

Where are the main offices of Saturn Car Parts?

The Saturn Car company is now defunct. There is no main office for Saturn Car parts. If one is looking to purchase a part for a Saturn car, they should begin by looking at the local auto parts store.

When was the roadster Saturn Sky first manufactured?

The roadster Saturn Sky was first manufactured in 2006. This two seater sports car with an open roof. Production was stopped in 2009 having built a total of 34,415 of these sporty vehicles.

Is the Saturn LS200 a decent car?

I had a Saturn and never had a problem with it. It seemed a good solid car.

Where does the name planet Saturn come from?

from the car manufacturers 'SATURN'

How many Saturn car dealerships are in Canada?

There are no Saturn car dealerships in Canada. Roger Penske, the owner of Saturn, and GM decided in September 2009 to close all Saturn dealerships in Canada.

Is Saturn a cat?

Saturn is a God, a Planet, and Car. Of which none are cats.

What is the definition of Saturn?

Saturn is a planet, and also a motor car maker.