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Yes, it is!

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Q: Is a Sony KDL-32L4000 high def?
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How does the Epson Powerlite compare to the Sony High-Def Projector?

Sony High Definition Projectors will have been audio and picture than the Epson.

FIFA 08 on PS2 is very fuzzy on Sony LCD tv will a PS3 be the same?

i highly doubt, my firend has fifa 08 for ps3 on a lcd t.v. although it ain't sony, its a brand far less lower than sony is and fifa 08 acutally looks amazing, i compared it between a normal tube t.v. vs high def, it looks like to totally different things. 08 on high def t.v. will be hype trust.

Does the Sony Bravia 32 KDL32L4000 have game mode. Guitar Hero 3 has a huge lag on my TV and this is supposed to help it?

i heard they do, i don't know how to activate it but I definitely know that there is a game mode on a Samsung TV

What is the song from the Sony HD camera advert?

Rocket - Def Leppard

Are all DVRs high def?

usually all are high def but having the service to show in high def is the important thing.

How much do you think a new sony hdtv costs?

a new sony hdtv can cost from 1,000 to 2,500 it is base on the size of the tv. the bigger the more expensive, most high def tv are very popular with many people who wants the best entertainment in the homes.

I am starting a detailing business and need to know which name soundslooks the best Hi-Def Detail Hi-Def Detailing High-Def Detail High-Def Detailing?

If you want more of an edgy feel, choose Hi-Def Detailing. If you want a more professional feel, reconsider your options.

What rhymes with hi-def?

high death

Are VCR's compatible with Hig Def LCD Tv's?

You can play a VCR on a High Def LCD with no problem.

What can you use to clean a high def TV?

a cloth

Where can one find high def Camcorder online?

One can find high def Camcorders online through several whosesales, or the sites of the reputable electronics stores, or via Amazon or eBay. There are also review sites to compare the different high def camcorders and buy directly through them.

How is the quality of Coby High Def TV's?

very good