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It depends if your horse is bomb proof and doesn't spook easily than yes it could make a good trail horse

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You weigh 380lbs and you are 6ft 2 an want to know what is a good type of horse for you other then a work horse for trail riding?

See if u can find a nice big Quarter horse. Lots are short but there tough and strong and good trail horses.

What is the best trail riding horse breed?

Any breed can be a good trail riding horse. An athletic and calm horse with good endurance can be an excellent trail horse. The most popular competive trail riding breeds are Arabian, Quarter Horse, Paint, Appaloosa and Morgans. Off the track race horses like Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds can be retrained to make nice trail horses. Mustangs, ponies and grades can also be good trail horses. Some people prefer the gaited breeds for their smooth and comfortable gaits: Tennessee Walker, American Saddlebred, Peruvian Paso, Paso Fino, Tiger Horse and others. Some horses are better suited to the job of trail horse than other based on temperment and fit with the rider. Ideally a trail horse should be suited to the rider, so really any breed can do the job if the individual horse is suited for it.

Is a barb a good present for my kids?

A barb is a small breed of horse that is indigenous to North Africa. These horses typically have strong gallops and are commonly used for racing. Thus, barbs are generally not considered to be especially child friendly.

What is a good trail riding leg protection for your horse?

Unless you're doing some extremely rugged trail riding, your horse doesn't need any leg protection, it's their natural environment and they're built for it.

Is the Selle Francais Horse good for trail riding like just riding?

I don't understand the question but "Selle" (fem.) is the french for saddle. for a real answer: selle francais horses are great eventers, and in my opinion, if young, would be waisted on the trail. however like almost any other horse, if trained right, it can do trail.

What breed of horse would be good for me I have been riding for several years and I want a trail horse?

It depends on your personality, ability of riding, amount of challenge, and do you want to do competitive trail or endurance? for competitive trail and endurance the Arabian or part-bred Arabian is the hands down winner. For pleasure, Arab, Quarter, Saddlebred, Morgan,Walker, Appy and several other "color' breeds are good choices.

How many hours a day trail ride a horse daily?

It all depends on your horse. If you have a horse with good stamina, or you plan to only walk and trot, you can ride for longer. If you're like me, you love cantering, galloping and jumping over home made jumps :). You can't trail ride as long, it will tire your horse out. Sometimes, I'm on my horse for over 2 1/2 / 3 hours, but I give my horse breaks. It depends on what you can do and what your horse can do. :) I <3 riding :) hope this helps you!

What are the uses for a mustang horse?

well they are especially good trail horses, they can recognize danger VERY fast......but almost any diciplin is possible.

Can a horse recover enough from navicular syndrome to become a good trail horse?

The primary variable in this is how bad was the navicular syndrome? If the navicular bone has not rotated or dropped, with a good farrier who knows how to set corrective and therapeutic shoes and a good equine veterinarian working with the farrier you may be able to retain a good amateur non-competitive trail horse. However, most horses with navicular syndrome will not recover to the point that they would be sound for anything more competitive than local shows or the 4-H ring.

Which of the following is important to have in a horse paddock Lots of prickles or Three or more gates or A reliable water source or Loose barb wire fences?

Lots of prickles = BAD - they may harm the horse Three or more gates = not BAD but why do you need more than one? A reliable water source = GOOD - horses need water Loose barb wire fence = BAD - it could tangle in the horses legs and injure them.

What horse breed should i get know a lot about horses but this will be first looking for a fast horse and good trail horse pretty easygoing with a touch of fire lol thinking quarter horse gelding...?

Well Quarter horses can be a good first choice but so can many other breeds including Paints, Appaloosas, Pony breeds, draft crosses, and Standardbreds.

What shall you do if your horse throws a shoe when your riding?

Get off your horse and lead them back to the barn. If your a good distance away on a trail, it's alright to ride the horse back, but keep to a walk. Call your farriar immediately. It's not bad for a horse to go missing a shoe, but you shouldn't ride until it is replaced.

What is a good month to leave for journey on the Oregon trail?

April was a good month to leave on the Oregon Trail.

What actors and actresses appeared in No Good - 2008?

The cast of No Good - 2008 includes: Tshaitu Abye as Barb

What is the best 1st horse for a 5' 10 year old intermediate rider that does some English more western and trail riding?

Paint horses are good for western, and can be used for English too, so that could be a good horse for you. Tennessee Walking horses could be a nice option for you because they are very versatile and have great gaits for trail riding. I use my TWH mare for mostly trail riding, but I also use her for western and I do a little bit of casual bareback jumping on her- proof that TWH's can be used for everything you do.

What is a good horse?

There are countless breeds of horses and there are good horses within all breeds. It also depends on what you want to do with the horse. Trail riding? Showing? Jumping? Endurance Riding? Rodeo or Western events? Pulling? Or just a companion horse? These are just a FEW things you can do with your horse. A lot of things must be considered before buying and you need to choose a horse wisely. Here are just a few examples: Quarter Horses are good for western events, rodeo and trail riding. Longer, leaner horses such as Thoroughbreds or Hanovarians are good for jumping. Arabians and Appaloosas are excellent Endurance horses. You can show with any breed of horse. There are different classes within shows and also breed specific shows for almost all breeds. And that's just a few examples. Horses cross over into all venues and everyone has their own opinion as to which breed to use in which arena. In other words, a person may use a Thoroughbred for an endurance ride or an Arabian for jumping. You can use any horse for trail or pleasure riding. It's a big horse world with countless options. Choosing what you want to do with horses is almost as fun and exciting as choosing the horse you will buy!

What is a good sentence with trail of tears in it?

i followed the trail to find my way home

What is the physical feature of the mustang horse?

Basically, the Mustang is a compact, strong and sturdy horse from the west of the United States which desended from the horses brought by the spanish. In the related links box below I posted a good link on the color variety of the Mustang horse.

Do you have to put a horse shoe on a horse?

No, but it is a good idea if you are going trail riding in a rocky area. Talk to your farrier and ask him. Some disciplines such as pro jumping and reining require special shoes. It can also help if they have injuries. But talk to your vet or farrier first!!

A person who is good at riding a horse?

A horse rider has to be good at ridind a horse, otherwise, he or she would fall off.

Is is the difference between a thourough bred horse and a quarter horse?

Yes. There is a difference between every breed of horse. A Thoroughbred horse tends to be around 16 hands high and its ancestry can be traced back to the Arabian horse. The characteristics of a Thoroughbred include tall, slender frame, good for racing, a great lung capacity and strong competitive spirit. A Quarter Horse is often short and stocky and is named after the quarter mile race that it was bred for. Their propensity as sprinters is tested at tracks nation wide. The Quarter horse is a mix of mostly Thoroughbred, Barb, Mustang, Arab.

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