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No the atom bomb is not more powerful then the H-bomb

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Q: Is a atom bomb more powerful than a h-bomb?
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Is the hydrogen bomb is more destructive than the atom bomb and why?

yes its about 70 - 400 times more powerful..

Is a nuke the same as the atom bomb?

Yes, only more powerful

What weapon made them more powerful in world war 2?

The Atom Bomb

Is the atom bomb and a nuke the same?

No, an atomic bomb uses fission, but a nuclear or thermonuclear bomb combines fission and nuclear fusion. Therefore, a nuke is more powerful than an atom bomb.

Is the atom bomb and the hydrogen bomb the same thing?

No. Atomic bombs use fission, hydrogen bombs use fusion (and are more powerful)

Which is more damaging Atom bomb or megaton bomb?

Well there is no "Megaton" bombs, but there are hydrogen bombs in the megaton range and they are a lot more powerful. An Atomic bomb can destroy a city. A Hydrogen bomb can destroy a country.

What bomb is more powerful than the atomic bomb?

The hydrogen bomb, thought to be 10 times the power of the atom bomb. Well, the atmoic bomb doesn't utilize fusion and therefore is not as powerful as the gay bomb.BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH

Which is most powerful the hydrogen bomb the atom bomb or the uranium bomb?

The 'uranium bomb' is an A-bomb and is a first generation nuclear weapon. The hydrogen bomb or H-bomb is a 2nd generation nuclear weapon and generally many times more powerful. 'H-bomb' can also refer to 3rd generation nuclear weapons that have an additional mass off uranium to provide further fuel, triggered by the 2nd generation fusion reaction; these are the most powerful. But recent studies show that the H-Bomb has more mass, therefore more energy, and therefore has more energy. So the H-bomb is more powerful.

Are atom bombs THE most dangerous bombs?

All bombs are dangerous, but the atom bomb is certainly one of the most devastating. The only type of bomb thus far created that is more powerful than an atom bomb is a hydrogen bomb, which is the type of nuclear bomb that uses fusion instead of just fission. The Tsar Bomba, which is the single most powerful deviceever used, let alone bomb, is an example of a hydrogen bomb. Its yield was rated at a staggering 56 megatons of force. I've added a link below if you'd like more information.

Is an bomb or a nuclear weapon more powerful?

If by "bomb" you mean a conventional explosive weapon, then the nuclear weapon is more powerful.

How powerful is a hydrogen bomb?

A hydrogen bomb is approximately 4.87 times more powerful than an atom bomb. What makes these bombs so powerful is that hydrogen is an extremely inflammable and explosive gas. When the bomb is released, the special coating used on its shell captures tons of friction, which heats the bomb. Then the detonator button is pressed, and the bomb blows up. Also, if the bomb comes in contact with the ground, before the button is pressed, then the heat absorbed by the bomb will set fire to the hydrogen inside and blow the bomb up.

Why is a hydrogen bomb more devestating than an atomic bomb?

More powerful explosion.