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No, CD rates are higher, but you cannot withdraw the funds as easily as a bank savings account.

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The interest a bank will pay on a savings account will differ from country to country. For Ex: the Rate of interest on a savings account in India is 3.5% whereas the interest on savings accounts in USA are around 1%. You need to check with the exact bank about the prevailing interest rate on savings accounts.

Karnataka bank in india has highest interest in savings account. For the amount kept between 7 to 45days you get 4.5% as interest

An Interest bearing account is a bank account in which, the banks pays you an interest for keeping your money deposited in that account. Ex: Savings Bank Account - You usually get around 3.5% rate of interest on the money you hold in your savings account in India.

A savings bank account is an account that is designed to store savings. You cannot draw money out of it using a debit card or checks, but it pays a higher interest rate than a checking account.

The Interest you earn on a savings account is:An income for youAn expenditure for the bankIs fully taxableIs only 3.5% in IndiaEtc.

The typical interest rates on a savings account is around one to three percent. You can ask bank of america or us bank. Wells Fargo offers the highest percentage on savings.

Interest rates vary depending on the bank the savings account is in. For a high yield savings account, interest rates can be from 0.95-3.0% annual percentage yield.

A savings bank is a bank that is dedicated to savings accounts. They don't have all the freedoms of a checking account, but pay higher interest rates.

put it in there and wait for the interest :)

because the bank lends money out at a higher interest rate

The "best" is subjective and will depend on the features that you are looking for in a bank. Personally, First Command Bank is an awesome bank with a high interest money market savings account. American Express Bank currently has a 1.3% interest rate for their savings accounts.

The banks loan out the savings deposits at a higher interest than is paid to the savings accounts.

Actually there are no disadvantages of having a savings account. Saving money is a good habit and keeping it in a bank account is even better because it will earn you an interest. The only downside is that the interest earned in a savings account is much much lesser than a fixed deposit but nonetheless the money is liquid and you can take it anytime you want, which isn't the case with a fixed deposit.

The current interest rate for a regular savings account at Bank of America is 0.05. This rate applies to custodial savings for youth accounts as well.

A Savings Bank Account is the basic type of bank account where customers can park or save their surplus cash. The money in the account is extremely liquid and can be withdrawn by the customer anytime they want. As a result, the interest rate provided by the banks on such accounts is also very less. In india the savings account interest rate is 4%. Banks may also give you cheque books and ATM/Debit cards to operate your bank account.

The bank does not just hold on to the money you retain in your savings account. Instead, they offer loans to other customers using that money. The loan customers pay an interest to the bank and the bank in turns offers the savings account holders an interest. Since banks make money by lending our money, they offer us an interest.

You will have to check with your specific bank to see if they offer high interest savings accounts but most major banks do. A high interest savings account can be a great way to invest your money. One advantage you have with a high interest savings account over a certificate of deposit is that your money is available at no penalty if you need to withdraw it.

The only real difference is that the interest on a savings account is money paid to you by the bank (usually paid quarterly by many banks). On the other hand, on a loan is money you pay the bank for borrowing their money. The reason the bank pays you interest on a savings account is because the bank will actually use the money you give them in your savings to pay others loans. So in basic terms, they are "borrowing" your money, so they pay you interest for doing so.

U.S. Bank does not currently have any high interest savings account. The highest paying account the bank currently has is 0.85% in a money market savings account. The highest yield available at US Bank (for a savings account) is the Package Money Market Savings account with yields up to 0.85%. This account must be opened with a US Bank Silver, Gold or Platinum checking account.

Chase currently offers an interest rate of .5 on their savings accounts. These are not high rates.

The number of times interest is calculated for your account Total in your account Interest rate

Investing in a savings account for a child has the advantage of a long duration of time to build up profit. The highest interest rate savings accounts are offered by Ally Bank and Forbes.

To have an account at Beneficial Mutual Savings Bank you need to deposit at least$50. The interest is compounded daily. It has the best rates also. Good place to have an account.

Because they earn a higher interest rate than savings accounts. The interest on CD's is atleast 2-3% higher than savings accounts. On the downside, the money in your CD is not as liquid as your savings account and your bank may charge you a penalty if you withdraw the money before maturity date.

A Savings Account is a type of account that is designed to promote savings among the general public. You can deposit and withdraw money from this account but at the same time the bank offers you an interest on the money deposited into the account.