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  • No Not always a blood test is more accurate, but not necessarily more sensitive. A lot depends on the lab. A quantitative blood test, usually called a beta hCG test, measures the exact units of hCG in the blood. That means it will detect even the most minimal level. There is another type of blood test sometimes called a qualitative hCG. This is a test that simply gives a yes or no answer to whether you are pregnant. Just like urine tests, labs vary as to what is considered a positive pregnancy test. Common cutoffs for positive are 5, 10, and 25 units. A level under 5 is considered negative. A test that is only triggered at 25 units of hCG is not any more sensitive than several of the urine HPTs.
  • Yes, urine tests test for hCG levels in women and A LOT of women have low hCG levels so the tests come out negative even though they are positive.
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Q: Is a blood test for pregnancy more accurate than a urine test?
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Is a urine test or a blood test more accurate for determining pregnancy?

Although urine tests are almost 100 percent accurate, there could be something affecting the test that is not a pregnancy. Blood tests, are completely accurate, and i recommend anyone to get a blood test instead of a urine test, because they can tell right away if your pregnant, and it wont be something setting of the pregnancy test, when really it isn't a pregnancy, and it's always important to be absolutely positive. - Nicole.

Is blood test more accurate than urine test?

a blood test is highly more accurate then a urine test. doctors will usually give you a urine test after a blood test.

Are the doctors urine pregnancy tests more accurate than home pregnancy tests?

No. They are exactly the same.

Is bubbles in your urine a sign of pregnancy?

The foam in your urine does not mean you are pregnant. Men's urine will foam also. If you think you are pregnant, A pregnancy test would be more accurate.

Is bubbles in urine a sign of pregnancy?

The foam in your urine does not mean you are pregnant. Men's urine will foam also. If you think you are pregnant, A pregnancy test would be more accurate.

I have a negative home pregnancy test and now they are doing a blood test?

The blood test is more accurate/ less likely to return a false negative than the urine tests.

Is a blood test more accurate for a pregnancy test?


Is blood pregnancy test more accurate than urine?

A serum (blood) pregnancy test is not necessarily more accurate than a urine test, but results may be obtained sooner in the pregnancy with a serum test for hCG, the hormone that signals pregnancy. Both methods test for the presence of human chorionic gonadotrophin which is present in the blood about 48 hours after implantation has occurred. It takes about 4 days for hCG to show up in detectable levels in the urine. Urine tests and serum tests are both highly accurate (about 97%) when performed correctly. Serum HCG tests may detect a pregnancy 6-14 days after ovulation, depending on the time of implantation. Urine HCG tests may detect a pregnancy 10 - 18 days after ovulation, depending on the time of implantation.

What is more effective a urine test conducted by a doctor or a blood test conducted by a doctor?

If the urine test is positive it is concidered to be as accurate as a blood test. However, blood test can detect pregnancy even after 7-10 days past conception. Blood test is always more SURE than urine test I would rely on blood test more! All the best!

HCG is measured in urine or blood?

Both. Home pregnancy tests measures HCG in the urine, but in the hospital they use both tests. The blood test is more accurate but takes longer to process. A urine test takes just a few minutes, while a blood test takes about an hour.

Will caffeine affect a pregnancy test?

Caffeine itself will not alter the results of a pregnancy test. However, caffeine is a diuretic, which can dilute the urine. This may make it more difficult for a urine-dependent pregnancy test to detect the pregnancy hormones. For the most accurate results, perform a pregnancy test when you first urinate in the morning. Your urine will be most concentrated at that point in the day and the test will be more accurate.

Does a pregnancy test come out more accurate in the morning or afternoon?

In extrememly early pregnancies, as the pregnancy hormone is still being produced, taking the pregnancy test in the morning after you wake up is slightly more accurate as the urine is more concentrated. In the afternoon you may get a negative test result because the urine is dilated and therefore there may not be enough hormone to detect in your urine.

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