Is a bluebird the same as a bluejay?

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Name the birds which are omnivorous?

For a start: crow, bluejay, bluebird, robin, starling

What kind of bird is always sad?

a blue bird

What rhymes with prey and that means a crested bluebird?

The word you are looking for is bluejay.

What is the difference from Eastern bluebird and Eastern bluebird?

Nothing. These are the same species.

What is a good name for a bird?

Boy birds:CockatooBluebirdShadowFritoSparrowBluejayDartGirl birds:TweetyPhoebeSweetySusieGloria

Why does a bluebird migrate?

The bluebird migrates the same way other birds do, for warmth.

What is the color of a bluejay?

As in the name, A Bluejay is blue.

What has the author Bluejay written?

Bluejay. has written: 'It's time'

What is the weight of a Western bluebird?

Weight of a Western Bluebird, same for both sexes:0.8 - 1.1 oz 24 - 31 g

What mammals are in the same habitat as a blue bird?

habitats of bluebird

Is a Blue tit the same as a Bluebird?

No, they are two different species.

Is a jay and bluebird the same as a blue jay?

Nope they are different.

What kind of food does a wild baby bluejay eat?

Maybe worms or Wet Bread The mother bluejay feeds the chicks worms and insects. Very young chicks get partially digested meals of the same food.

What are some enemies of the bluebird?

House sparrows and wrens often compete with bluebirds for the same nesting house. Often time sparrows will break bluebird eggs or make another nest over the current bluebird nest.

What is a eastern bluebird body covering?

The same as a western bluebird's: feathers.

What color is a bluejay?


Is a bluebird the same as a Mountain bluebirds?

There are actually three bluebirds - Western, Eastern and Mountain. The Mountain bluebird looks quite a bit different than the other two.

What is the classifiction of an Eastern bluebird?

The bluebird is a member of the thrush family, Turdidae. The eastern bluebird is Sialia Sialis.

What does bluejay birds eat?


What bird begins and ends with same letter?

Bluebird is a bird. It begins and ends with B.

What is the species of the bluebird?

The eastern bluebird is Sialia Sialis.

What is the genus name for a bluebird?

The genus name for a bluebird is Sialia

Who invented bluebird frozen peas?

Mr Bluebird a farmer

What type of beak does a bluebird have?

A bluebird has a short and rounded beak.

Does the southern bluebird live in Arizona?

There is no such thing as a southern bluebird.

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