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Not usually. They more often than not prefer fresh meat from their own kills than of other animals. However, given the opportunity, i.e., a wolf kill, they will take it over and scavenge the remains if it's hungry enough.

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Why are brown bears important to the ecoysystem?

The brown bear has the role of the top predator/scavenger in its environment.

Is a bear a scavenger?


Is the polar bear a predator a scavenger or a filter feeder?

A polar bear is a predator and scavenger and not really that much of a filter feeder.

Which is bigger a black bear or brown bear?

brown bear

What bear is stronger a black bear or a brown bear?

Brown bear

Which is more powerful the black bear grizzly bear or the brown bear?

Brown bear, and the grizzly is a race of the brown bear.

Is a brown noddies bird a scavenger?


What is a scavenger in American black bear habitat?

i have no clue

Who wins fighting the black bear or brown bear?

The brown bear.

Is the brown bear or black bear usually bigger?

The Brown bear is way bigger then the black bear. The brown bear is also more aggressive.

Is the Alaskan brown bear endangered?

the Alaskan brown bear is endangered No, the brown bear is not an endangered species.

Is the Kodiak bear the same as the Brown bear?

The Kodiak is a race of the brown bear.

Who would win a fight a lion or a brown bear?

A lion would beat a brown bear, grizzly bear, and black bear. But for a polar bear, it would be a draw. Brown bear. Brown bears were put to fights with lions before, and the brown bear simply killed the lion.

When does the scavenger hunt on build a bear end?

after 2 minutes

What is a brown bear?

The brown bear is a large bear that can be found around Eurasia and North America. The brown bear is the most omnivorous animal in the world.

Is the grizzly bear bigger than the brown bear?

The grizzly is a race of the brown bear, somewhat smaller than coastal races of the brown bear.

What is the largest brown bear?

The Kodiak Bear, also known as the Alaskan Bear Brown.

How many animals did the children see in 'Brown Bear Brown Bear'?

if u mean what childre think what bears are like it would be a dog / wolf /bear and as in children for bear they think human are a animal NO! I mean how many animals did the children see in BROWN BEAR BROWN BEAR (the story called brown bear brown...)

Is a brown bear a mammal?

Yes a brown bear is a mammal.

Is a brown bear a mammal or reptile?

The brown bear is a mammal.

What bird is bald has a brown body and is a scavenger?

a bird

Is black bear better than brown bear?

Yes black bear is better than brown bear

Name of the types of bears?

There are 32 types of bears, they are:American Black Bear, Cinnamon Bear, Kermode Bear, Asiatic Black Bear, Baluchistan Bear, Formosan Black Bear, Pakistan Black Bear, Brown Bear, Atlas Bear, Bergman's Bear, Blue Bear, Eurasian Brown Bear, European Brown Bear, Gobi Bear, Grizzly Bear, Himalayan Brown Bear, Hokkaido Brown Bear, Kamchatka Brown Bear, Kodiak Bear, Marsican Brown Bear (critically endangered), Mexican Grizzly Bear, Siberian Brown Bear, Syrian Brown Bear, Giant Panda, Qinling Panda, Sloth Bear, Sri Lankan, Sloth Bear, Sun Bear, Polar Bear, Ursid hybrid, Grizzly-polar bear, and hybrid Spectacled BearThese are the extinct ones as well:Agriotherium, Ailuropoda microta, Arctodus simus, Bear dog, Cave bear, Cephalogale, Dwarf Panda, Hemicyon, Hemicyonidae ("dog-bear"), Kolponomos, Kolponomos newportensis, MacFarlane's Bear (disputed), and Parictis

Which is bigger a black bear or a European brown bear?

The European brown bear. Though it is rare!

What is a scientific name of Eurasian brown bear?

The Eurasian brown bear is commonly known as the brown bear is Ursus arctos arctos.

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