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Is a burning sensation in the stomach normal when you're nine months' pregnant?

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You should contact your doctor or hospital.

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If you have a pulse like sensation and occasional pressure at the bottom of your stomach could you be pregnant?

Possibly. Take a test. If you are feeling that, you would be about 4 months pregnant though

How many months pregnant are you if your stomach feels hard?

your stomach will feel hard when yu are atleast one month and a half pregnant.

If a woman is almost 5 days late and having a cramping sensation could she be pregnant?

Just haviing a strong cramping sensation, does not mean you are pregnant, you could miss this months period entirely and it could well come on time next months cycle.

My stomach is very soft.i pressed my stomach deeply.i does not have any pain.the stomach will be hard if i am pregnant?

okk so my sister is pregnant and her stomach still isn't hard and she is five months pregnant and she is showing a little but not much so you never know.

When does a pregnant woman's stomach stick out?

near about the beggining of 2 months pregnet.

What does it feel like to be three months pregnant?

You can have a tight feeling in your lower stomach...

How do you get rid of burning sensation in legs?

You can take tablet calcium pantethonate 10 mg twice a day for three months, when prescribed by your physician. You are probably have burning feet syndrome.

You get a burning pain in your stomach when you turn a certain way and you are four months pregnant Is that normal?

you should see your doctor ASAP, I dont want to scare you, it could be nothing, but it could also be something serious.

When do you start showing a stomach when you are pregnant?

At about 3 to 4 months, very slightly usually

How does a girl stomach look when she is 4 months pregnant?

its usually the size of a small canaloupe.

When you first get pregnant where does your stomach get hard?

Do you mean when do you first start showing that your pregnant? Because your stomach does not get hard until you can visibly see that you are carrying a baby which is usually around 4 months.

When do you start to show your pregnant?

About 3 months in your stomach will get bigger it will be unmissable on the 5-9th month

Can you feel your stomach and tell if you're pregnant?

if your stomach is hardened After a couple months, you'll be able to feel a firmness at or below your belly button.

Is it bad if your stomach starts hurting when your two months pregnant?

See your doctor; there are several reasons for the pain.

Is it ok if you lay on your stomach if im 2 months pregnant?

yes the baby is not big enough to be effected by this

You feel flutters but got negative test can you be pregnant?

i have no period for 4 months now and i have 2 negative test i get pain and flutters in my stomach can i be pregnant

How many months pregnant are you when your stomach starts to firm?

That really depends on the woman and how fit she is when she concieves. Some women do not firm until 3+ months.

Anything I eat or drink water makes me feel pregnant and my stomach gets bigger and look pregnant?

Answer: Its proberly just constipation, take a break from the eating until you empty yourself on the toilet.You can not be pregnant if you have had your period, that it what the period means. That you have a swollen stomach have nothing to do with being pregnant since it takes months for a pregnant woman to look pregnant.

If you are 3 months pregnant how does your stomach feel?

little pain on left side other than that i'm good

Is it ok to sleep on your stomach at 8 months pregnant if you are barely showing?

no dummy. you will crush the human growing inside of you.

How does your stomach have to feel in 1 month of pregnancy?

At one month of pregnancy, you stomach does not usually feel any different. For some people it starts to look different around 12 weeks pregnant, others not until 4 months pregnant, others never! The average it starts to feel different is around 4 months of pregnancy and that is when it is obvious that you are pregnant

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